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AFAIK you can use AXIS with any servlet container. AXIS is purely a web application which you wrap up in your web service archive to do all the SOAP message interception stuff. JWSDP - this is purely a collection of libraries, which Sun have provided to do web service stuff like publishing to a UDDI registry. HTH

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IMO, this depends entirely on your needs, and I wouldn't restrict the comparison to simply Axis and JWSDP. I'm not hugely experienced with either, but for my money I wouldn't touch JWSDP unless I really needed the security stuff. The version of JAX-RPC is *far* too restrictive in what it allows in WSDLs for my liking - I had to rewrite ...

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Hi, I am trying to use JWSDP 1.6 using JDK 1.4.2_05 with WebLogic Server 8.1sp4 to call a service that uses Axis for its SOAP stack and am getting a classcastexception when invoking the service. This only happens at runtime. Has anyone run into this type issue before? I explictedly set the encoding style to document literal in my ant script ...

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Hi All, I have done a sample applications for JWSDP(JAX-RPC Implementation ) and Apache Axis. But I am confused for which one should I prefer. While doing sample application I realize that Apache axis is bit more simpler to develop WebServices than JWSDP. Can any one please suggest me which one should I prefer. Thanks, -Ajay

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Hi all, Need some clarification about the subject matter. 1. Are Axis and JWSDP implementation of JAX-RPC and can be used interchangeably? 2. Can web services developed with Axis run on J2EE servers like Oralce AS, Websphere with out modification. 3. Is the depolyment of web services standard across all these? I know there is a JSR which covers this issue. ...

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Hello all, We are doing at the moment in our company succesful Web Services projects with JWDSP 1.6. We want to migrate however to JAX-WS when our application server (Oracle) supports fully Java EE 5. (Everyone in the JavaOne 2006 was lyrical about JAX-WS) and our little experiments are also hopeful. My question is what direction is Axis going? I know ...

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Hi, i am accessing an axis webservice (rpc encoded) with an client generated with jwsdp 2.0 jaxrpc libraries. Everything works fine, except the deserialization of the SOAPFaults. SOAPFault: soapenv:Server.userException java.rmi.RemoteException: Authentification failed. Please verify user name and password. java.rmi.RemoteException: Authentification failed. Please verify user name ...