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1. and org.apache.axis2.tool.ant.AntCodegenTask fails with IBM's JDK

My IBM's JDK: java version "1.6.0" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build pwi3260sr8fp1-20100624_01(SR8 FP1)) IBM J9 VM (build 2.4, JRE 1.6.0 IBM J9 2.4 Windows XP x86-32 jvmwi3260sr8ifx-20100609_59383 (JIT enabled, AOT enabled) J9VM - 20100609_059383 JIT ...

2. Ant Error in Apache Axis Service Archiver

I was creating axis archiver (*.aar) in Eclipse using Axis2 Wizards - Axis2 Service Archiver when I got this error at the final stage:

I have install ant and configure ANT_HOME. I'm ...

3. Ant fails to find junit for project generated with wsdl2java

I created a axis2 soap client project with unit tests using the following command:

wsdl2java -t -uri http://myDomain.tld/myService.svc?wsdl
I then ran ant and got build errors because it could not find ...

4. Generating stubs in ./src instead of root directory using Axis and Ant

How do I get this Ant file to generate my stubs in the ./src directory instead of the root directory for the target "generate-service-stub"? My directory structure looks like this:

  • My Project/
    • build.xml
    • src/
The namespace ...

6. axis ant task

7. AXIS 1, ant, java2wsdl in NetBeans 5.5

Hello, I'm doing some overdue school work in which I must use AXIS1 on Tomcat using NetBeans 5, for which I found a nice PDF. It explains how to do simple WS on the above combo and it worked for me. But, in my project, things aren't as smooth. I have couple of beans in org.foi.dkarlovi.bean (User, Weather, WeatherFilter, Portfolio) and ...

8. Odd exception with Axis 1.4 and ant taskdef

Hi all, I've suddenly had a new exception pop up in my world of java apps exposed as Axis 1.x web services (I currently use Axis 1.4). It's suddenly appeared w/out my remembering changing anything to my environment - obviously this must be a fallacy. When I use Axis ant tasks (e.g. java2wsdl...) I have to define those tasks. And to ...

9. Upgrading to Axis 2 - Ant build.xml no longer works

I have a build.xml that works fine with Axis 1.4. I am trying to upgrade to Axis2 1.5 and Axis 2 does not like my build.xml. All the build.xml does is go out an look at the remote wsdl's and builds the stubs for the web site to consume the web services. In my build.xml I have modified this to use ...

10. WDSL2Java using Axis2 via Ant in Eclipse

Hello everybody, I am new here and also am new to Web Services, Eclipse, Ant and Axis(2). My task is simple: Generate Java sources based on a WSDL file that was generated by some SAP backend system. But it seems like I won't get any further than I am now without help. I tried generating the Java code using Apache Axis(1) ...

11. javac path in ant axis2