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1. How to draw a regular polygon so that one edge is parallel to the X axis?

I know that to draw a regular polygon from a center point, you use something along the lines of:

for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {  

2. Emphasize 0 on x-axis with jqPlot

when plotting a graph with jqPlot I have curves which contains both positive and negative values, thus crossing the x-axis. I would like to emphasize the x-axis at 0 to distinguish ...

3. Exposing existing service layer classes as web services

I am developing the small login application using Spring MVC, Spring Security, Hibernate. It has two service classes & One of them( depends on Spring security. Now I want ...

4. Octave- How to find active object in axis

Matlab has a property called gco (get current object) that can be used to identify a line after mouse press. For example:
.. do something with handle... Octave has gcf (get current figure) and ...

5. Rotating a polygon around x and y axis

I am having problem with the coordinates not being exactly correct after the rotation as I change the values of the polygons, since many of my calculation use doubles and the ...

6. Flot: when resize window, how to make the YAxis label move accordingly?

i am using Flot for graphing. i put this chart in a div, and when I resize the div, however, i found that the labels of YAxis don't move accordingly, and ...

7. Flotr Charts Y axis needs to be filled on either side

I am using Flotr Charts for display of charts . We have requiremnt as Y axis needs to be filled on either sides . I have done the below thing , but its ...

8. Flotr Charts Y axis needs to be filled on either side

I am using Flotr Charts for display of charts . We have requiremnt as Y axis needs to be filled on either sides . I have done the below thing , but ...

9. How to plot on 2 different scales on an axis in gnuplot

I want to plot some data on x axis range [0:1] and y axis range [0:100], but on the x axis I have most of my data in range [0:0.1] and ...

10. How to use several limiters in Axis2 Request

I'm playing with Axis2 and while doing so I have come across a couple of issues that I'm not sure how to solve. The webservice I have set up has the ...

11. Is it possible to construct a medial axis for a polygon in sub-quadratic time?

Is it possible to construct a medial axis for a complex, non-convex polygon with holes in sub-quadratic time? Could you point me to the algorithm explanation? Or maybe there is a library ...

12. FLOT: draw bar not starting from axis

I am trying to draw some bars which are not starting from axis, i mean, e.g., for the dataset [[1,2], [1,5]], what I want to have is a bar between these ...

13. Separating Axis Theorem: Finding which edge normals to use

I'm using the implementation of the algorithm described here: Using this implementation, when I want to find the minimal displacement vector for two colliding rectangles, the algorithm will sometimes ...

14. AXIS2 client returns object with nulls instead of properties

I have such a structure that I need to return through the webService

public class StructureClass implements Serializable

    public StructureClass()

15. AXIS2 RPCServiceClient vs. Using JiBX/XML-Beans Stubs

I'm developing a set of web services and clients. Most of the service parameters take simple data types (int, string, etc.) and POJOs as parameters. What is the best way to ...

16. Flot:how to align xaxis labels center over the tick line, and put labels in the plot area instead of outside space

I am wondering whether there's configuration to put axis ticks "center" over the tick line? and also put them in the plot area instead of outside space? for the latter issue, i ...

17. How to use Apache DataBase Connection Pool (DBCP) from Axis2 Web Service

In my Web service I am using DBCP. There are many instances in my service where I need to connect to DB. But Sometimes request to DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:apache:commons:dbcp:poolName") hangs. I am not ...

18. Flotr Y Axis Title

Hi In Flotr Playground ( site also the Y Axis Title is appearing in a Horizontal Way See the Image here Please tell me how to resolve this ?? I ...

19. Can we use Axis1 client code for Axis2 services?

Can we use Axis1 client code for Axis2 services? We have deployed services using Axis .aar file. Can we access that services using Axis1 client code (i.e. without AXIOM API)?.

20. JavaFX + Java + XML Web Service + Axis

I want to use javafx for design. In addition I want to use java to use XML web service with axis. Then, I want to use my java classes to provide ...

21. How to detect that an axis belong to a window that has been closed in matplotlib

In matplotlib, I keep a reference on an axis. I want to open a new figure if the window that contain the axis have been closed. The idea is to keep ...

22. Providing Apache Axis with a socketfactory object, not class

In my current project, we are using Apache Axis to do remote calls via SOAP. Now there are cases where the server host+port is not directly accessible due to firewall constraints, but ...

23. Writing an Axis2 Module

There are several tutorials online for writing a module for Axis2:

They're not quite getting me where I need to go, though. What I'm trying to do is write ...

24. How to get Axis mpeg-4 stream?

We have an Axis-214 IP camera on our network. I want to get its MPEG-4 stream on socket. I am making a C API for this. The problem is that I ...

25. Axis2 Multiple Attachments; Only First Arrives

I'm making a service that should accept a variable number of files using Axis2 1.5.4. In my WSDL, the input type includes the following element: <xsd:element name="Attachment" type="xsd:base64Binary" maxOccurs="unbounded" minOccurs="0"></xsd:element> After generating ...

26. H.264 RTSP Absolute TIMESTAMP

Is it possible to read an absolute timestamp from an H.264 stream sent trough RTSP from an Axis camera? It will be necessary to know when the frame has been taken by ...

27. Root element in axis2.xml

So I'm really hoping this question will be closed as obvious and I just don't know where to look. I looked in the axis2 documentation but I cannot find ...

28. About JAX-RPC specification and Serialization in Java

A have created a web service using eclipse plugin present in it (generate java bean skeleton). The classes thus created are using java.lang.Class and java.lang.Object. But when I use those classes ...

29. Highcharts displaying Date axis from milliseconds

How do I display the date on my x axis from a json object structured like so;


30. Axis2: What's the difference between Modules and Services?

What is the difference between Modules and Services in web-services ( AXIS2.x )? Thanks.

31. ReportViewer chart - x axis adding start and end dates

Problem: how to not display the start date 31/05 and end date 16/06 These values are not brought into the control via the dataset (hence there can never be any data) as ...

32. What is the best/standard way to define a web service interface (inheritance/overloading)?

What is the best/standard way to define a web service interface? For example, I have two class Car and Bus both of them extends Vehicle. If I want to expose a create method for ...

33. Axis2 getSOAPEnvelope() performance issue

Using axis2 on solaris I've noticed that the message.getSOAPEnvelope() call is maxing out the server processing to 0.0 idle. The call takes about 10 seconds and then processing load goes back ...

34. How to use apache axis 2 to create a dummy web service?

I have a WSDL from a C# web service. Can anyone advice on how to use apache axis 2 to create a dummy web service?

35. java webservices call without a reply : axis2 call.invoke() to call.invokeOneWay

I've a package making use of the following code: SOAPEnvelope retMsg = (SOAPEnvelope) call.invoke(message.getSOAPEnvelope()); ...this expects a reply message and hangs without one. I've been asked to adapt this to fireAndForget with no ...

36. How to set axis units in gnuplot

I'm trying to generate some schematic figures using gnuplot. My x scale is of angstrom and the y scale if of mV. Currently, I have the x scale goes like:

0 1e-9 ...

37. Are JAX-RPC and Axis2 protected against XML Injection?

Do JAX-RPC and Axis2 have built-in support for XML injection? If not, how can I add custom code to perform escaping and schema validations on my own? Edit: I looked at ...

38. Invoking multiple methods which are exposed using Axis

I am a novice at Web services subject,and this is my first post here at stackoverflow. Well, I am tryin to create a service ticket, calling the methods(login,createTicket,logout) from eclipse IDE. ...

39. gstreamer axis camera

I have a rtsp web stream (axis 211 ip camera). Gst-launch Playbin2 uri=... can show it just fine. I cannot figure out the right pipeline to duplicate what playbin2 ...

40. ZedGraph doesn't print real values

I'm using Zedgraph and I've a problem with values printed beside axis. When my curve has values between 0 and 1000, no problem. But when I have values between 10 000 and ...

41. What is the best approach to follow in WebService developments?

Is it starting from WSDL or from coding?

42. Gnuplot x-axis scaling

Sorry about the poorly articulated title, I couldn't think of a title that would suffice without explaination. I have a graph with an x axis with an irrelevant scale. What I want ...

43. Calling web services from simple java client

In Eclipse I am writing this code on the client side, generated from a wsdl file...

TravelAssistServicesStub t = new TravelAssistServicesStub();
ConversionRateByCountry c = new ConversionRateByCountry();
ConversionRateByCountryResponse ccy = t.conversionRateByCountry(c);

System.out.println("Conversion: " + ccy.get_return());
...and I ...

44. how to add legend(at X and Y axis) to the chart

I want to add to my chart at the axis X and Y to what they refers eg: add number of issues and project Current chart enter image description here Required chart

45. package org.apache.axis2 does not exist

I'm trying to import packages...

  • import org.apache.axis2.context.ConfigurationContext;
  • import org.apache.axis2.description.AxisService;
  • import org.apache.axis2.engine.ServiceLifeCycle;
but I'm getting errors..
  • package org.apache.axis2.context does not exist
  • package org.apache.axis2.description does not exist
  • package org.apache.axis2.engine does not exist
I've added %AXIS2_HOME%\bin in my PATH environment variable and ...

46. How to draw three y axis using the gnuplot at the same x axis in one graph?

As for my title, Now I need to draw more than two y axis at the same sacle x axis. Have someone can tell me how to competed this function? ...

47. how to put gap between y axis and first bar in vertical barchart matplotlib

I have a barchart code snippet as below..When you run this,you get 4 bars ,the first of which lies against the y axis.Is it possible to put some gap between y ...

48. RTSP Command to Request Camera for Current FPS

In my RTSP server, i need to know what is the current fps of the stream from Axis Camera every second. is there any specific RTSP Command through which i can request ...

49. outlying data points are still being plotted after enforcing axes in matplotlib scatter3D?

I'm just starting to learn python, and was recently trying to make a 3D scatter plot with my dataset using matplotlib. Because my data is so spread out (x range = ...

50. How to configure a web-app correctly, so that axis2 finds required modules?

I currently face the problem that I have a web application including an axis 2 web service client, which should use rampart for the security header. Therefore, I adapted the axis2.xml ...

51. Is ArrayList supported in Apache Axis Web service?

I have written a simple HelloWorld web service. Which takes an ArrayList as parameter. Code is as simple as `import java.util.ArrayList;

public class Service {

public void service(ArrayList<Object> list) {

52. Axis2: AClassNotFoundException on MessageReceiverInOut

I got error notice when I tried to run axis2:

[INFO] script module activated
org.apache.axis2.deployment.DeploymentException: A ClassNotFoundException
occurred in loading the message receiver
I checked my services.xml that generated by Eclipse Code Generator Plugin:
<?xml version="1.0" ...

53. How would you go about Mocking an AXIS 2 web method call?

I'm coding an application that executes several web services using AXIS2, I've run into some issue during my end to end tests which are a result of my client not handling ...

54. How to set arrows at the end of Core Plot axis?

I found Core Plot as very nice plotting library. But there is small issue: I can not find any way to set directional arrows at the end of axis for plots. Am I ...

55. How to fake a 2D sprite moving on the Z axis?

I will precise my question, I have a 2D object moving in a 2D world (X,Y), and I want to fake a movement on the Z axis. So I believe the ...

56. Disable escaping symbols in Apache Axis client

I'm working on creating axis client for some web-service that I was provided. Service generates PDF file from received XML, so I need to pass "pure" xml as one of parameters ...

57. JAX-RPC with Axis2

I have been researching this like crazy, and have not been able to find an answer. Is there any possible way to use JAX-RPC with Axis2? I know Axis2 is compatible with ...

58. while creating table underneath axis on a plot, is there a way to create some whitespace between the axis and the table using matplotlib?

I am trying to create table inside a plot right underneath the axis of the plot using matplotlib I am using the plt.table function to do this However, when i create the table, ...

59. return object axis 2 client

I am new to SOAP and Axis 2 framework. I started with writing simple program for returning String, int to the client side. Now I want to have program on the ...

60. Axis web service client respnose HashMap

I am trying to consume a web service which returns a Java hash map, following is the code for that

        String endpoint =

61. Using axis function in dundas

I have a calculated measure in my cube which gives me the grand total of a measure based on the dimension dragged on one of the axis, the formula is as ...

62. OutOfLangMemoryError caused by Apache Axis2

I asked this before but got no response - maybe it was too long - so i'm rephrasing the question:
After about 3 days from starting an application that uses Apache ...

63. How to return XML from web service

This may be one of the insane / stupid / dumb / lengthy questions as I am newbie to web services.
I want to write a web service which will return answer ...

64. axis2: two different webservices sharing the same name

I have two different webservices (each generated from a different wsdl) with the same name "getConfiguration", that I'm trying to put in the same .aar file. In the services.xml I've changed the ...

65. bars charts not on grid line with date axis - jqplot

Can anyone help me out with how I could make my bar charts align with grid lines when I use the date axis renderer for x axis? I thought may be ...

66. Web service with Apache axis

I created my web service using Eclipse and Apache axis (Using this link). When I tested it on my local machine with Eclipse and Apchache tomcat it worked fine.
Then ...

67. upside down x_axis

Am working with coreplot for creating bar-chart .Bar-chart is getting displayed but its upside down..X-axis starts at the top of the screen instead of being at the bottom of the screen..and ...

68. How to check if a web service is accessible?

How can I check if any web service is accessible ?
I can see the list of service also I know the method names present in the web service.But I don't know ...

69. multiple x axis tick sets in flot

Does anyone know if/how I can create multiple sets of ticks for the x axis in a flot grid? I'm graphing data over time and I'd like to be able ...

70. AXiS2 - Problem in returning the String value. < and > are getting converted to < and >

I have written a simple web service which takes string as an argument and returns a String as output. The service is something like this :

@WebService(name = "MyWebService", serviceName = "MyWebService", ...

71. Axis throws JAXBWrapperException when testing my WebService

i get

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">
         <faultstring>org.apache.axis2.jaxws.wrapper.impl.JAXBWrapperException: ...

72. Loading a class method when Apache Axis 2 starts up

I need to execute a static method in a Java class when the Apache Axis 2 starts, or something which could be done in an application scope. Please suggest.

73. publishing a method as webservice

I have some functions which i want to publish as a webservice .Am preferring axis 2 web service.The return type of my methods is some bean that i developed.
1)How can ...

74. JavaPlot (GNUPlot) set legend labels and axis name

The current code i use is:

JavaPlot plotter = new JavaPlot();


But I want to be able to set the labels in de legend (now they are: Datafile 1, Datafile2) and also the name ...

75. How to create Axis2 web service?

I am trying to learn how to build web services. I am trying to do the most simple straight forward service and after all day of wasting my time I pretty ...

76. numpy sum along axis

Is there a numpy function to sum an array along (not over) a given axis? By along an axis, I mean something equivalent to:

[x.sum() for x in arr.swapaxes(0,i)].
to sum along axis ...

77. numpy divide along axis

Is there a numpy function to divide an array along an axis with elements from another array? For example, suppose I have an array a with shape (l,m,n) and an array ...

78. Get the list of deployed Axis services from another Axis service

I have a question about how to obtain a list of deployed Axis services within another Axis service. here is the scenario. I am using Tomcat 7.0.14 and Axis 2-1.5.5 as ...

79. Axis web service datetime to java calendar

I've noticed that a wsdl datetime, when using java and axis gets converted to a Calendar object with local machine timezone information. I am in a situation where I need ...

80. How to use axis2 as default while testing web service in SOAPUI

SOAPUI by default uses Apache Axis and not Apache Axis2 How do i make sure SOAPUI is always using AXIS2 for testing remote web service?

81. What is a simple way to generate a line chart in Java?

Possible Duplicate:
What is the best open-source java charting library? (other than jfreechart)
I am writing a Java application which requires me to generate line charts ...

82. Can an axis web servcie be called from iOS platform using any library?

As we have ksoap library for calling axis web services in android and blackberry platform, do we have anything of that kind to call an axis2 webservice.

83. useOriginalwsdl=true is not working in axis2

I have followed contract first approach. So I first wrote the wsdl file and then generated the server side code. But when I hit the url for my web service in ...

84. Maxima 2D plot -- How to set axes equal

For example, what is a code for plotting y = x so that y- and x-axis have the same scale ?

85. Cognos BI 8 Report Studio - Line Chart (x axis limitations)

I'm creating a line chart in RS where total dollars is on the Y axis and year/month is on the x axis. There are currently three years of data (36 months) ...

86. axis range in scatter graphs

I have been using the code below to plot the time spent to run 4 functions. The x axis represents the number of executions whereas the y axis represents the time ...

87. axis2 1.6.1 migration issue - ListenerManager.defaultConfigurationContext

I'm currently migrating an axis2 1.5.1 installation to 1.6.1. currentyl I'm facing several issues. e.g.: where's the

field gone? where do I get the current configuration context?

88. SSRS:How to Add a Trend Line Series to Chart which has only 1 Point on X Axis

Title Says it all. The reason I need this is,my chart is inside a Tablix and Only 1 Value(X-axis point) gets supplied to each Row I can see this line which is centered ...

89. Apache Axis2 Webservice in regular shared hosting service

I developed a webservice in java with Axis2, and now I need to put it online. In order to do it I signed a shared hosting service, but as I am not ...

90. Problem verifying signed mail with bouncycastle API only in axis2 webservice environment

here's my very strange problem : I wrote a ws that checks a signed mail with bouncycastle API. When I test the method outside axis2 environment, all works fine. As soon ...

91. Writing Webservice clients using HttpURLConnection

I have a question related to Axis2 Webservices . I have My Webservice deployed in Tomcat Server . Right now i am writing a Client for my Webservice using

public static void ...

92. Axis2 : Web client for Axis2

I have developed a Webservice using Axis2 , made a .aar file from it and deployed it inside the Axis2.war services directory . All this works fine . I also need ...

93. core-plot remove decimal points from axis labels

Can someone tell me how to remove the decimal points from the Axis labels? Instead of 10.0 I'd like to have only 10 showing.

94. Axis2 : How AxisServlet is invoking the skelton part?

I am developing webservices using Apache Axis2 (1.5) version . I have developed a war file for webservice client . And Deployed my Webservice in (.aar) format into axis2.war services directory. This ...

95. Axis2 : When to use Modules in Axis2 Webservices

I am pretty new to webservices . We need to develop a web service using Axis2 . Please tell me when to use Modules Concept , when using Axis2 . Could ...

96. Axis in stacked column reports in SSRS 2008 off by 1

I have an report that I want the axis to match the dates that I have in the query. In the report (Category Axis Properties) I have the Interval set to ...

97. Controlling the URL for an Axis2 web service

Can the format of the URL for an Axis2 web service be configured when using the code-first approach (where Axis2 is generating the URL)? In particular, we would like to leave ...

98. matplotlib strings as labels on x axis

I am building a small tool for data analysis and I have come to the point, where I have to plot the prepared data. The code before this produces the following ...

99. How to calculate the angle between two points relative to the horizontal axis?

I think an image describes best what I want: no words can describe this Given (P1x,P1y) and (P2x,P2y) what is the best way to calculate this angle? The origin is in ...

100. Forcing x axis to align with y axis in Mathematica Plot

In Mathematica, when I plot things sometimes I don't always get the x-axis to line up with the exact bottom of the plot. Is there any way I can force it ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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