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1. axis2 leading to JVM , outOfMemory

hi, we have a web service call on one of our application layers. we are using WAS 6.1 and Apace Axis2 1.5 , The problem is that the memory used by JVM keeps on increasing , finally leading to a restart of the JVM, On analysing the heap dump , the problem was found to be with the following classes : ...

2. Axis2 NoSuchMethodError

Hi Remi, I see no issues with the code . I am sure the classpath and using proper versions for compiling and running the code with solve your issues. To set the classpath correctly i suggest you refer the script provided under AXIS2_HOME/bin Also in the classpath you mentioned , please check the section in the bold. C:\remi\dev\Axis2TomcatHelloworldold\client_bin>echo %AXISCLASSPATH% C:\remi\dev\ws\axis2-1.5.1\lib\wsdl4j-1.6.2.jar;C:\remi\dev\ws\axis2-1.5.1\lib\a xis.jar;C:\remi\dev\ws\axis2-1.5.1\lib\commons-discovery-0.2.jar;C:\remi\dev\ws\ ...

3. Axis on EJB2

4. Questions on RPCServiceClient with axis2

Hai Friends.. I am using axis2. My web service has three methods 1)addQuote 2)getQuote 3)getAllQuotes ------------------------------ This is the service that is running .... /** */ package stocks.soapservices; import java.util.*; /** * Demo related packages */ import stocks.util.StockQuote; /** * * * SOAP based Stock Quote Services include : * - addQuote() - to add a new stock quote * ...

5. HashTable not working in axis web service

This is my webservice code.... /** */ package stocks.soapservices; import java.util.Hashtable; import stocks.util.StockQuote; /** * * * SOAP based Stock Quote Services include : - addQuote() - to add a new stock * quote - getQuote() - to get the current price of a given stock symbol - * getAllQuotes() - to get all the quotes in the database * ...

7. AXIS client example: need help.

import org.apache.axis.client.Call; import org.apache.axis.client.Service; import javax.xml.namespace.QName; public class TestClient { public static void main(String [] args) { try { String endpoint = ""; Service service = new Service(); Call call = (Call) service.createCall(); call.setTargetEndpointAddress( new ); call.setOperationName(new QName("", "echoString")); String ret = (String) call.invoke( new Object[] { "Hello!" } ); System.out.println("Sent 'Hello!', got '" + ret + "'"); } catch ...

8. A problem with a AXIS client.

Hey everybody, I'm trying to develop some software for a cisco call manager. The call manager has an AXL service, and when I try to invoke some methods in this service through a desktop client I get these Exceptions: Exception in thread "main" AxisFault faultCode: {}Server.userException faultSubcode: faultString: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path ...

9. Different approaches of developing webservice using Axis2?

Hello All, I'm relatively new to webservices and specifically to Axis. I have not worked on Axis 1.x but started straight away with Axis2. In this link, on the left side under Documentation, I see lot of material about JAXWS guide, Spring guide, POJO guide etc. 1) Are these different ways of using Axis2? 2) I'm reading through Metro stack for ...

11. Invoking a Handler specific to a operation in axis2

To use handlers with your server application, you must set the @HandlerChain annotation on either the service endpoint interface or the endpoint implementation class, and provide the associated handler chain configuration file. Handlers for the server are only configured by setting the @HandlerChain annotation on the service endpoint implementation or the implementation class. The handler classes must be included in the ...

12. AXIS 2 - Requested factory com.ctc.wstx.stax.WstxOutputFactory cannot be located

Hi guys I am using axis2-1.4.1. Everything works fine except sometimes it gives me an error like Requested factory com.ctc.wstx.stax.WstxOutputFactory cannot be located. In lib folder there is jar file wstx-asl-3.2.4.jar which contains the above class file. Still its not able to find it out.. I am badly struct in this.. Solution will be needed urgently. Please find the complete stack ...

13. Axis2/JAX-WS. How to transfer complex objects?

Hi all. I have a problem. We are using AXIS2/JAX-WS How to transfer complex object ? I have two classes: SearchCrit and SearchCritCondition in server side: public class SearchCrit implements Serializable{ private SearchCritCondition[] conditions; } public class SearchCritCondition implements Serializable{ } And stubs in client side: @XmlAccessorType(XmlAccessType.FIELD) @XmlType(name = "searchCrit", propOrder = {"searchCritConditions"}) public class SearchCrit implements Serializable { @XmlElement ...

14. Apache Axis2: sent method arguments are not received

Hello all, We are currently developing a Web service that receives (string) data and subsequently stores it using Hibernate. When we run this Web service directly in Eclipse (using the axis2 plugin), everything works perfectly. However, when we try deploying it as an .aar archive (using Netbean's deploy feature, via their axis2 plugin) and running it in Apache Tomcat, we initially ...

15. Accessing Deployed web service in axis

we have deployed a web service using axis and apache tomcat ,and we are getting the wsdl of the service, from the wsdl seeing the service location and pasting the url in the browser we are getting the following output WELCOME TO AXIS SERVICE PERHAPS THERE WOULD BE A FORM TO INVOKE IT now i want to access a service what ...

16. IBM Axis and custom faults.

17. org.apache.axis.ConfigurationException

when i call web serivce,the following error occurs: org.apache.axis.ConfigurationException: org.apache.axis.ConfigurationException: No engine configuration file - aborting! I don't konw how to fix this problem, it occurs this error when i call web service. is it happened in the jar file because i export web serivce source code to jar file. anyone help~

19. Axis2 Question

Hi, Ok. So with Axis2 you can either: 1. Generate both your linkage classes and data classes to use JAXB 2. Generate your linkage classes to use JAX-WS and data classes to use JAXB Very good article here Now using approach one it's clear what Axis2 is doing - generating linkage classes which will end up having dependencies to some classes ...

20. setting nillable and minOccurs Values in AXIS2 service.xml

Hi Mathias, I understand from your post you know how nillable and minOccurs are generated in WSDL and you'd like to set these values to implement restrictions on your web service incoming request. Is that right? If so, you can straightaway change these values in your generated WSDL and re-generate your web service. If you think this is a hassle, then ...

21. How to resolve java.lang.reflect.Invocationexception during AXIS2 Code Gen

Hi, Could any of you be so kind to help me knowing how to resolve the exception mentioned above. Using the WL 10.3.4 and AXIS2 Code Gen for generating the WSDL, having java code handy using Eclipse 3.5+. Please let me know if you need any more info. Here is my code : A project in eclipse - > Dynamic Web ...

22. org.apache.axis.NoEndPointException

23. Axis2 question

Ulf, thanks for the reply. I have an additional constructor that is called for my DAO code and I don't have any idea how to call that if it is not in the stub? Being a newbie to Web Services, can you please give me some direction here? Again, your reply is appreciated. Regards.

24. unable to run the Axis client

hello moderator, i got the following error when run axis client,any pointer are welcome the code for client is given below,i tried to set credential for the operation i am invoking,but it again failed ,i tried to diagnose it with soap UI,the same soap response i got which is mentioned below. AxisFault faultCode: {}HTTP faultSubcode: faultString: (401)Unauthorized faultActor: faultNode: faultDetail: {}:return ...

25. Trouble generating Exchange web service client using Axis2

Hi, I am trying to generate a web service client for Exchange Web services (2010). I saved my WSDL, "types.xsd" and "messages.xsd" locally. I have a simple Ant build script ...

26. axis2 conceptual architecture of secure webservice

Hi all, I hope you can help with this. I am working on an axis2 webservice that should include the following requirements: 1) a client will first log in to the webservice using a username/password 2) this username/password will be checked by the webservice by doing a search on a database 3) if the authentication is successful, a token is generated ...

27. Axis Parser

28. Can't find bundle for base name org.apache.axis.resource, locale en_US

I am trying to make a Web Service call from my Application. It uses the org.apache.axis jar. The Application is running fine from my workspace. However, when I am trying to make a batch file for the Application it is giving me the following exception just after the Web Service call: DEBUG org.apache.axis.i18n.ProjectResourceBundle 21 Mar 2011 09:40:17 CDT. - getBundle(org.apache.axis,org.apache.axis.i18n,resource,null,...) DEBUG ...

29. Can't find bundle for base name org.apache.axis.resource, locale en_US

I am trying to make a Web Service call from my Application. It uses the org.apache.axis jar. The Application is running fine from my workspace. However, when I am trying to make a batch file for the Application it is giving me the following exception just after the Web Service call: DEBUG org.apache.axis.i18n.ProjectResourceBundle 21 Mar 2011 09:40:17 CDT. - getBundle(org.apache.axis,org.apache.axis.i18n,resource,null,...) DEBUG ...

31. Can I use Axis2 as a client to send non-SOAP xml?

Hi Guys, Although I've previously had a lot of help looking through the Java Ranch forums, this is my first post, so let me say hello to you all - I'm trying to build an app that will access, what I was led to believe was, a web service, so for the last few days I've been trying to get to ...

32. RPC/Encoded support in Axis2

33. How to call Axis2 Webservice from another web service

When an Axis2 web service is called from an Axis2 web service, the receiving web service throwing this error: Could anyone be able to do this, calling a webservice from another webservice? I couldn't seem to find any information on the net how to do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. [WARN] triggerActionNotSupportedFault: messageContext: [MessageContext: logID=urn:uuid:06A6978B9EEDDC2C371302796220340] problemAction: urn:anonOutInOpResponse [ERROR] The ...

34. Web Services using AXIS 2

Hi All I am creating a web services steps are as follows 1. Created a dynamic web project 2. Created a WSDL file 3. Generate code from wsdl Now i want to know in which generated java file i have to edit to implement my method and how do i deploy it I am giving yoy the wsdl file and also ...

35. Axis webservice - rookie question

hi, I have created my first axis web service (as I need to generate WSDL for client). However in my implementation class no annotation is working. I can not use persistence context, I can't get UserTransaction using @Resource annotation. I am missing something? I have deployed the web service inside my web application (WAR folder now is in EAR, as Eclipse ...

37. Implementing Access Rights on Axis2 Web Service?

How do you check for access rights in Axis2? Currently, I am using the UsernameToken of Rampart to get the credentials (username, password) of the user. The user is then allowed to access the web service method if his credentials are valid. But what if I have multiple methods? How can I specify which methods are only accessible to a certain ...

38. Axis 2 assing a name to an op. instead of the clasic "return"

Hello all, I am using axis 2 and I want to create a web service. I have used the POJO approach. It works fine but trouble is that in the wsdl all my operations are returning a parameter named "return". This could cause problems for C++ clients because return is a reserved keyword. Can you please tell me how can I ...

39. Help with interoperability with Java WebService (JAXWS, Axis2, Metro)

I've been developing a client to communicate with a Web Service which is developed using METRO, MySQL, Tomcat and Netbeans. I've developed the client using RAD (Rational Application Developer), DB2 and JAXWS & Axis2. I think that there must not be problems with wsdl since it's a standard and they can communicate. I couldn't even find the error, I'm receiving the ...

40. How to set timeout value in Axis client ?

Hi All, I have a web service client. I am using Axis 1.4. I want to setup the connection timeout interval in my client. Can someone tell me how I can do this? Also, I want to handle the timeout exception that is thrown so that I can redirect it to an appropriate handler.

41. Question on Dynamic SSLConfiguration for axis2

We are having a web service test client through which we can connect and generate reports from multiple web services instances(Devl / Preprod / Production). On the service side, in development instance, we are using "self-signed certificate" using keystore type JKS. In Production server, we are using certificate from CA. The web service is running in Development and in Production. Now ...

42. How can I bypass CertificateExpiredException while using Axis 1.4?

Greetings, folks! Here is my problem. I am using axis 1.4 to create a client to some web-service. A problem is that recently the SSL certificate of that web-service has expired and now when trying to connect I am facing the followinf exception: PKIX path validation failed: timestamp check failed at at at at at ...

43. Support rpc-encoded clients with Axis2

We are working on migrating an existing webservice from Axis 1.2 to Axis 2.0 along with changing the WSDL from rpc-encoded format to document literal (wrapped) format to support .NET clients. In addition, we would also like to provide backward compatibility to the existing client (using rpc-encoded) once the migration is completed. However, since Axis2.0 does not support rpc encoded format ...

45. axis2 web service calling another web service

I have a "big picture" question: Can my web service call another web service? I am using axis2 as my platform for running the services. It goes something like this: package service.first; public class FirstService{ public String getWelcomeMessage(){ RPCServiceClient serviceClient = new RPCServiceClient(); Options options = serviceClient.getOptions(); EndpointReference targetEPR = new EndpointReference("http://localhost:8080/axis2/services/SecondService"); options.setTo(targetEPR); QName op = new QName("http://second.service/xsd", "getHello"); Object[] opArgs ...

46. Axis 1.4 Problem with DIME attachment

47. complextype with Axis2

Hi, I used Axis2 generated an wsdl file based on few Enum and bean classes. I am not sure if its content is correct. Please refer to the following content of my wsdl file for more detail. Thanks a lot Sam

48. Web service with Apache Axis

public class AutocompleteService { public OMElement getCodes(OMElement input) { String query = input.getText(); OMFactory fac = OMAbstractFactory.getOMFactory(); OMNamespace omNs = fac.createOMNamespace("", ""); OMElement codes = fac.createOMElement("codes", omNs); // some biz logic while (SOME_CONDITION) { OMElement code = fac.createOMElement("code", null, codes); OMAttribute value = fac.createOMAttribute("value", null, tempStr); code.addAttribute(value); } return codes; } }

49. Webservice client problem axis2 wsdl1.1

I have created webservice client based on this link I do realize that i am using WSDL1.1 specification. From my WSDL i have the following serivce part service name="BAPI_CUSTOMER_DISPLAYService" documentation SAP Service BAPI_CUSTOMER_DISPLAY via SOAP documentation port name="BAPI_CUSTOMER_DISPLAYPortType" binding="s0:BAPI_CUSTOMER_DISPLAYBinding" soap:address location="http://**:8000/sap/bc/soap/rfc" port service Following is my client BAPI_CUSTOMER_DISPLAYService locator = new BAPI_CUSTOMER_DISPLAYServiceLocator(); URL urlLocation; urlLocation = new URL("http://**:8000/sap/bc/soap/rfc"); System.out.println(locator.getBAPI_CUSTOMER_DISPLAYPortTypeAddress()); BAPI_CUSTOMER_DISPLAYBindingStub ...

51. The AXIS engine could not find a target service to invoke

Hi All, I stucked with Axis 1.3 (please don't ask why 1.3...) and JDK 1.5 with webshpere. i have very basic service 'Calculator' with two operations 'add' and 'subtract' here is my server-config.wsdd file (placed under WEB-INF directory). ...

52. java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.axis2.transport.local.LocalTransportSender

Getting this exception always even my POM looks to have this notfound class in one of its jars. Am I missing something? Please suggest Exception in thread "main" org.apache.axis2.deployment.DeploymentException: org.apache.axis2.transport.local.LocalTransportSender at org.apache.axis2.deployment.AxisConfigBuilder.processTransportSenders( at org.apache.axis2.deployment.AxisConfigBuilder.populateConfig( at org.apache.axis2.deployment.DeploymentEngine.populateAxisConfiguration( at org.apache.axis2.deployment.FileSystemConfigurator.getAxisConfiguration( at org.apache.axis2.context.ConfigurationContextFactory.createConfigurationContext( at org.apache.axis2.context.ConfigurationContextFactory.createConfigurationContextFromFileSystem( at org.apache.axis2.client.ServiceClient.configureServiceClient( at org.apache.axis2.client.ServiceClient.( at at at at [b]Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.axis2.transport.local.LocalTransportSender[/b] at$ at ...

54. Axis 2 generated code in "Expanded Mode"

I'm having some problems understanding how to send a request to a web service that I have deployed. I have followed the following tutorial: Which I have successfully applied, and it worked well. The tutorial was straightforward, and I have easily generated a web service client. All I did was creating "request" objects from the exposed web service method, set ...

55. Which framework / API for creating web services? (JAX-WS 2.0 vs Axis2)

Hi, We would like to create web service and on step of decision which framework to use. If we consider about cross cutting tasks (like logging, authentication, error handling etc.), does axis2 brings more capabilities, features than jax-ws 2.0? For example should I implement logging of each request by implementing a SOAPHandler? or is there already implemented mechanism for this? I ...

56. non-SOAP axis2 web service

Can someone point me to any documentation or examples on how to create a non-SOAP axis2 web service? I have gotten a SOAP web service working, but need some help with just an HTTP one. Hoping some examples with WSDL, STUB and test client. I tried just converting my SOAP one but I'm having problems. Like the setters I had in ...

57. How to make an Axis web service start/deploy/work automatically

Hi, All the tutorials I've found on how to create an Axis web service seem to include a step of 'deploying' it, which requires running a java app with a deploy.wsdd file (java org.apache.axis.client.AdminClient deploy.wsdd). This seems to talk to the admin servlet, which then 'enables' the web service. This all seems unnecessarily complicated, not to mention something I don't want ...

58. AXIS2 WS-Security

Hello All, I am a new bee to AXIS2 Web services . I see that AXIS2 provides Rampart as the security framework for providing WS-Security features to AXIS2 webservices. Unfortunately in my company Rampart is not listed in the approved technology (framework) list. So I have been asked to see if we can use any other Security framework ( that comes ...

59. axis2 request xml size issue

Is this a service you wrote? If not - probably the author included a size limit as a safety precaution. If yes, consider passing bulky binary data as an attachment - search for SAAJ - bulk data does NOT belong inside a SOAP request, it just burdens the parser and slows things down. If you do not need all the WS-* ...

60. Axis2 - issue in getting the faultmessage and memory issue

Hi all, I am new to web services technologies though know here and there. We have an internet application, where one of the functions needs to call the web service. 1. We have the WSDL in place. 2. We are using the soapUI Pro tool where it is using Axis2 Artifcats for wsdl2java and databinding as adb. it is generating 3 ...

61. How to place icon on a picture base on (x,y) axis

I am looking for a way to place icon (a black dot or gif picture) on a jpg picture base on (x,y) of the picture. It is possible to do so :confused: It would be nice if there is some java code provided as guide. The main idea is to fix several node in (x,y) coordinate on the jpg picture. Then ...

62. Drawing 2D multi axis graph with option to get the coordinates of 2 points (user sel)

Hi, Can anyone help me in developing a jsp to display a multi axis graph with the following requirements.?? I am new to java. I have taken all the inputs from previous page and on click of continue button, 3 ArrayLists data are populated in my Value Object. they are 1. pressureList 2. timeList 3. pressureDerrivativeList I have done till this ...

64. Apache Axis2: sent method arguments are not received

Hello all, We are currently developing a Web service that receives (string) data and subsequently stores it using Hibernate. When we run this Web service directly in Eclipse (using the axis2 plugin), everything works perfectly. However, when we try deploying it as an .aar archive (using Netbean's deploy feature, via their axis2 plugin) and running it in Apache Tomcat, we initially ...

65. how to draw an ellipse using major axis, minor axis

Hello to all, I am trying to form an ellipse using major axis, minor axis. and i have to tilt it by a specified angle... Can anybody tell me how it works?? ( There are another images on the applet screen without changing them i want to tilt only Ellipse) Thanking you....

66. Problems in using IBM-RAD / AXIS2

2. Service Class (IBM-RAD): public class VectorTest { public VectorVO[] doCall(String p_str) { VectorVO l_objVO1 = new VectorVO(); VectorVO l_objVO2 = new VectorVO(); VectorVO l_objVO3 = new VectorVO(); VectorVO[] l_objVectorVO = new VectorVO[3]; l_objVectorVO[0] = l_objVO1; l_objVectorVO[1] = l_objVO2; l_objVectorVO[2] = l_objVO2; return l_objVectorVO; } } 3. WSDL was made automatically by IBM-RAD:

67. Charts Axis Fix-age

68. Creating logarithmic axis

Hi everyone, I have to place some frequencies that range from 20MHz to 3GHz on a logarithmic scale. So first I have to actually create the scale that ranges from 20MHz to 3GHz. So the question here is how can I do that ? Is there anything I can use or do I have to do it all by myself. Any ...

69. Java, RSS Feed writer and Apache Axis

Hi all, I wasn't sure in which subforum this question belongs, so I decided on this one I downloaded a RSS feed writer from The example provided works perfectly when I have a 'dynamic web project', however, I then continue to create a new class in a different package of the same project. When I turn this class into a ...

70. Problem with axis and dates doing web services..

Hi, I am having a problem managing dates inside a custom class that is sent to a web service. on the server I have a class X with some fields being java.sql.Date using axis to deploy the web service it references those fields as xsd:date and when I make a client using the WSDL2Java, it makes classes of the type java.util.Date ...

71. axis web service samples

73. Axis2 plugin is not working

74. axis 1.2 dime and mime attachments.

75. XFire or Axis2?

yamm, I posted reply #1 because I want you to be fully cognizant that you are still in violation of the code of conduct for the site and I expect there to be no further eruptions, flooding or other trolling attempts by you. If you wish to discuss moderator actions then please do so in the appropriate forum. But leave any ...

76. How to get the cookie from a web service using Axis

I used the AXIS wizard to consume a WSDL and create a bunch of boiler plate code. It works great in that I can talk to the web service and submit requests. The problem is that I need to retrieve the cookie from the login request and use it when making subsequent requests. I have been unable to find the cookie ...

77. CDATA element and Axis2

78. webservice API axis - Parse

79. Web service question - axis

81. Axis 2 Webservice Properties

Inside a webservice of mine i would like to store some properties in a properties file, though i'm not sure how to do this with an .aar file. For example my webservice has four parameters that really shouldnt be hard coded.... String strHost = "skregi488129"; String strDomain = ""; String strUser = "zimmers"; String strPassword = "hanky5";

82. web service and java Axis

I have found that the older Axis 1.x has some issues talking to anything .NET. My first suggestion would be to go to the latest, which I believe is Axis 2.0. I have some clients that consume my webservices with .NET, and I remember I had to change the messaging type to get it to work...big pain in the rear.

83. Calling web service using apache axis

Hi All, Do anyone know how to call a web service using apache axis ? This web service will be returning a value also. I need the sample code of how to setup axis and how to call the web service in java. Would highly appreciate anyone's help in this? regds, noneda

85. axis scale for scatter plots

I'm trying to create a specialized scatter plot, which functions similar to Excel's scatter plot. I'm having problems determining what the min and max values should be for the axes. I would like the program to determine from the input data what the initial min and max values should be on the x- and y-axis, the user can adjust later. So, ...

86. Java Axis related question but maybe somebody can help me? ;o)

Hello everybody! Can anybody provide me a good working example of how to consume a .NET Web Service, served by IIS, with SSL using Java Axis? I've seen some examples but could not understand them, specially because my java client will "always" connect to an IIS service with dummy certs... I know this question is related to Axis but..i didn't get ...

87. Problems with axis2

88. Java axis - wss4j - xml-security encoding problem

Hi everybody, at first sorry for my english. I have this problem: Webservice deployed on axis using ws security from wss4j and xml-security has big problem while receiving data in soap envelope that contains national characters with carons, acutes and rings (PLI LUOUK K PL BELSK DY). When I disable security, everything works fine. When I enable security and I send ...

89. install axis in nb 5.5

90. Axis question

91. Javamail and Axis question

Hello, Please help me in the following issue: I'm developing an email sendig web service under Axis/Tomcat. i use javamail. If I convert my email sendig method into web service I always get Server.userException and InvocationTargetException error. It is now clear, that if a web service call is established it can't connect to the mail server on the localhost. Furthermore from ...

92. AXIS engine could not find a target service to invoke!

Hi Friends, I trying to build simple web services in eclipse IDE alnog with WTP plugin. But got error : AXIS engine could not find a target service to invoke! targetService is GetName. Test client Browser is come : when i click invoke button in i got error exception: The AXIS engine could not find a target service to invoke! targetService ...

93. Axis Installation Problem

The steps provided by Apache are very confusing i am not sure if its clear which axis directory to be placed in webapps the one which is inside the axis-bin1_4 directory created after downloading the .zip from their site or the axis-bin1_4. Whatever i tried many combinations its not working for me. Why they have told enviornment variable to be set ...

94. Web Service Client for AXIS web service

95. How to make an applet with a normal x and y axis?

well you know, coordinates are relative. The x and y coordinates are positive the way we think of it ( (0,0) being at the lower left) just because it's convention for the Mathematics world to do so. They're just part of a vector space and you can see it from any view point and be semantically equal. Just need to get ...

96. How to use inner class in axis2 in java?

Hi, Iam very new in axis2. My language is java. What iam trying to do is, i need to create a xml format for the clients to send data to server using axis2 service. My demo xml format is, //------------------------------- //------------------------------ Iam trying to use nested inner class to ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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