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1. Caching using Axis 1.4 + web service response caching at client side

I want to cache web services response XML at client side. How can i cache response XML at client side, so we don't have to wait for Server side response ? Is there any ...

2. Axis2 attachments are vanishing in the response

I am using axis2 to come up with a basic web service which will get the file name as parameter and produces a response SOAP packet which will have the file ...

3. how to make axis2 return gzipped response

By default axis2 returns regular(plain text xml) response. My goal - find some cfg property to make axis2 return gzipped response. Anybody? Thanks!

4. Axis2 problem with concurrent requests mismatch response object

I'm facing a problem on my production server for a Web Service with concurrent requests. The problem is that when the Web Service receives (for instance) two requests for two different methods ...

5. How to edit / format XML response in web service

I am using Apache Axis2 to write my first web service. I am following this official link.
I observed that if you call sample StockQuoteService given in link, it gives ...

6. Removing the return tag from response xml in axis2 webservice

In all my xml web services, I always get the response things embedded inside the <ns:response> tag. I don't want my response to come inside <ns:return>, rather directly inside the main ...

7. Remove custom tags from web service response

I have created a simple web service using Java and axis 2. The output i am getting is as follows, Input- http://localhost:8088/Newwww/services/NewFile/newFile?s=New%20data3 Output-

<ns:newFileResponse xmlns:ns="">
- <ns:return>
- <TestData>
  <testData1>New data1</testData1> 
  <testData2>New data2</testData2> 

8. Losing attachments in Axis2 response

I'm trying to send an attachment to client from Axis2 web service. The problem is that the message context, which client receives from the service, does not contain any attachments, though ...

9. How to schedule web services responses?

I'm a bit new to web services, but I'm using Axis2 with Java. My question is simple, is it possible to schedule a web service function to return String data every, say ...

10. Axis2 : Why two response (one ending with E) classes are being generated with axis2 wsdl2java

This is my Java Code for the webservice interface developed using Apache Axis2:

public String Distrategy(@WebParam(name = "request") Request request) ;
And also i have the implementation class for this
public String ...

11. how to cancel a running response while receiving data in Axis2?

I'm using axis2-1.6.1 to download data from a server. I want to cancel the downloading and close the connection while receiving. example: there is a file with 2MB on server. I'm using Axis2 client to ...

12. Axis response validation

I'm calling a webservice who's WSDL is including several schema's. For each operation there is a request and response schema defined. I'm using wsdl2java from axis1.4 to generate the client stub (and axis 1.4 as runtime). Calling the webservice is no problem, but the response sent by the webservice is not valid according to the schema. There are several mandatory elements ...

14. customize xml response in axis2

Hi, I'm hoping someone has experience with customizing the XML response from an axis2 web service. I need to convert an element into an attribute. Here's an example... I currently have: name hello world and I'd like to have: hello world In other words, I'd like to take one of ...

15. Axis 1.4 strange characters response < ...

Hello, My name is David and i have seen that you are an experienced user of axis. I need to connect to one Web Service that have a wsdl that i can't change.=20 I am receiving strange characters in their response: For example: You must present a photo ID when checking in. Your credit card is charged at the time you ...

18. AXIS 1.4 Response XML Help-Urgent

HI All, I am developing a webservice - serverside service using Axis 1.4 - RPC/encoded . My response is not as expected. Can some one help me My request takes a employee ID and the response retrieves the employee details .My question is that the expected Response that my client wants is little diffrent from the actual response.The method name in ...

21. Getting JSON as Response In Axis 1

AXIS 1 only does SOAP so XML is what you get. Incidently AXIS 1 is really really outdated. RESTful services easily return JSON, XML or any type of resource. Search for the jersey project or restlet to find some RESTful tools. I'm assuming your client for JSON is a web page in a browser, right? Bill

22. Handling response in Axis2 ADB clasess

Hi Rnchers I am consuming a web service in java with Axis2 with ADB data binding.Now i am getting the result as OMElement. Please tell me how to get data from response. Which is the best way to get data from xml. import; import; import java.util.Iterator; import javax.xml.namespace.QName; import; import; import; import org.tempuri.GetMarginsContract; import org.tempuri.GetMarginsContractResponse; import ...

23. Request and Response handlers (Axis2)

Hi i have deployed a webservice in JBoss and Then added two handlers before the service.One handlers(Request handler) takes the incoming soap message and prints it out and similarly the outgoing messgage from the service passed through another handler ( Response Handler) and prints out a mesasge.Bothe teh handlers are defined as two seperate class files. what I want to do ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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