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1. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: org/apache/axis2/transport/SimpleAxis2Server (Unsupported major.minor version 49.0

I'm having problem deploying Axis2 v1.5.3 on my 64 bit Solaris 9 OS, I wonder what should I do in order to successfully run this Axis2 instance with JDK 6 ? in ...

2. Migration from Axis1.0 version to Axis2.0 version

Currently I am using Axis1 and axis2 both for JAVA now i want to migrate totally on axis 2.0 version, i have changed all axis 1.0 version jars into axis2.0 version ...

3. How to upgrade the Axis2 Support version used by Netbeans

Hi All, Is there a way of upgrading the Axis2 support version (1.2) using by Netbeans 6.5.1? I require Axis2-1.5 for my development. Please provide me with a feedback on this. ...

4. Axis and HTTP version

6. AXIS Version Issue

Hi, I have recieved a WSDL for a deployed service. When i used AXIS version 1.1, i get the files and operation name along with "_"(for ex, if entry is like this in xsd file , , then file is created) When i am hitting webService with this client jars, i get error saying " No such operation RequestContext". ...

7. most current version of Axis?

8. A version of Axis2 that uses commons-httpclient-2.0.jar?

Is there a version of Axis2 that uses commons-httpclient-2.0.jar instead of 3.1? We are using 2.0 and are unable to update at the time being. I already learned the Axis2 api and wrote some code, so I would hate to lose all of this and go to the weblogic generated stubs and api.

11. Exact versions to run webservice+axis2