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1. Axis2 Web Service Client Generation - Types without modifying the client

Is it possible with Axis2 and Eclipse to generate a Web Service client and have it use java types that you already have in packages instead of creating it's own types. ...

2. Axis2's wsdl2java fails on RPC/Encoded style web services

Is there any alternative to Axis2? Or the way to make it work (different data binding, for example)?

Retrieving document at '...'.
Exception in thread "main" org.apache.axis2.wsdl.codegen.CodeGenerationException: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

3. Is there only Apache Axis wsdl2Java or there is any other library?

I have used Axis wsdl2Java, I am wondering is there any other way to create web service client?

4. Apache Axis: How to set call properties using code generated from wsdl2java?

I'm using Apache Axis 1.4 (yes, the old one), with wsdl2java to generate the client code for a webservice. I'd like to set additional properties on the Call object before calling ...

5. Java Webservice Client (Best way)

I have a third party WSDL, I need to write code in JAVA for a web service client to invoke the operations in the third party WSDL. Right now, I have ...

6.  No extension base type element generated when using wsdl2java

I was trying to use the Axis2 wsdl2java command

wsdl2java -uri somefile.wsdl -o src -ss
to generate classes from wsdl/xsd files and running into this problem. say, there's a complex type defined as ...

7. Parlayx client, complextype element in WSDL2JAVA generated client throws SAXException: SimpleDeserializer encountered an unexpected child element

I have generated a client for a the parlayx sendSms wsdl (v3.1) using the WSDL2Java tool. The schema has some optional input elements (minoccurs=0, maxoccurs=1 both are complexTypes), which I ...

8. How to generate non-secure stubs in Axis2 using wsdl2java

I am attempting to learn Axis2 Web Services, and am working through a tutorial on RoseIndia web site (link text). In the example for the client, it generates ...

9. WSDL2JAVA does not generate setter methods

Has anyone come across this? Basically I switched from the SUN jre to IBM's and compilation fails due to wsdl2java not having compiled the necessary setter methods. Thanks in advance.

10. random behaviour by wsdl2java

I have been having problems with the generated code of the axis wsdl2java tool ever since I switched to the IBM JDK. It seems that every generation produces a unique output, ...

11. Help for Axis2 wsdl2java command line

I am new to webservice. I am Using Axis21.4 to create top down webservice. The steps i follwed are:: 1) I have a wsdl . Using wsdl2java command i created serverside code and ...

12. Axis Marshaller

I have a group of classes that were created using wsdl2java (Axis 1.4) and am looking for a way to unmarshal and marshal the data from/to String and Object. I ...

13. Axis2 generated Stubs are thread-safe?

Are the Stubs generated by WSDL2JAVA (using XMLBeans binding option) through Axis2 1.5.4 thread-safe? Actually I have created one Stub for a Web Service that I am invoking through multiple threads. ...

14. axis2 wsdl2java code generation

I am new to web services and am generating the code from wsdl2java using axis2 from command line arguments. In my response I have an XML tag like:

Discount xsi:type="ProgressivePromotion
After this tag ...

15. in Axis2

i am facing problem whenever i am running my wsdl2java the ExtensionMapper class is generating in different different packages. Example :First time ran the wsdl2java result : generated ...

16. Problems in WSDL2Java

I am trying to use wsdl2java utility to generates POJOs. Its working fine for complete WSDL file. However, if a WSDL has

it fails. Whats the way to generate POJOs from ...

17. wsdl2java doesn't produce any output

I'm fairly new to web services and I've successfully created a web service using axis2 and tomcat 7. Now I'm trying to create a client for the web service using wsdl2java. ...

18. Axis2 WSDL2java is generating only 2 java classes

I am using Axis2 for developing webservices . Please see my program below :

public class Simple {

    public String echo(String rest) {


19. Axis2 : How can we write a client based on generated classes of wsdl2java

I am using Apache Axis 2 I have this class as Web Service

public class Simple {
    public String echo(String rest) {

20. Axis2 : wsdl2java tool Command line

I have this WSDL File already given . When i used the Axis2 tool wsdl2java -uri StockQuoteService.wsdl

 <wsdl:definitions xmlns:axis2="http://quickstart.samples/"

    xmlns:ns="http://quickstart.samples/xsd" xmlns:soap=""

21. Axis2 : Using wsdl2java in Axis2 to generate java class


<xs:element name="getPrice">



<xs:element name="symbol" nillable="true" type="xs:string" />




<xs:element name="getPriceResponse">



<xs:element name="return" nillable="true" type="xs:double" />






<wsdl:message name="getPriceMessage">

<wsdl:part name="part1" element="ns:getPrice" />


<wsdl:message name="getPriceResponseMessage">

<wsdl:part name="part1" element="ns:getPriceResponse" />


<wsdl:portType name="StockQuoteServicePortType">

<wsdl:operation name="getPrice">

<wsdl:input message="axis2:getPriceMessage" />

<wsdl:output message="axis2:getPriceResponseMessage" />


22. Apache Axis 1: WSDL2Java - overwrite generated sources?

When running org.apache.axis.wsdl.WSDL2Java (Axis 1) against a recently changed wsdl, there is a failure because some sources already exist. Is there a way to force overwrite of existing classes? I don't ...

23. Axi2 client made with wsdl2Java uses UTF-8 instead of UTF-16

I'm using Axis2 1.6.1 to create a webservice, both the server and the client. The webservice is pretty simple: it receives two strings and returns an array of bytes. The issue ...

24. Axistools-maven-plugin configuration

I configured the axistools-maven-plugin as follows


25. axis2: serialization of wsdl2java generated objects

Using axis2's wsdl2java tool and a third-party wsdl I have generated service stub and supporting classes (data holders). Since there is a need to do post-processing of loaded data from a ...

26. axis's wsdl2java

Hi all, I am trying to create a wsdl for already existing web services so that people can easily generate client side code using wsdl2java. In my wsdl file, I've decided to use rpc/encoded to best replicate the existing soap messages in use. But the generated stubs like to use multiRef within the soap body, which is causing some problems for ...

27. WSDL2JAVA Apache axis

28. problem in using WSDL2Java tool in axis

Hi all, When we make our Webservices in Apache Axis at Server,the first step is to generate the WSDL file by using Java2WSDL tool and passing the interface and ip address of server as argument.For example, org.apache.axis.wsdl.Java2WSDL -o AddService.wsdl -l"" -n AddService Then we use WSDL2Java to generate java files and write our code there. My problem is that I do ...

29. wsdl2java axis question

30. axis wsdl2java nullPointerException

This can happen if it is missing a jar file , I actually forgot the name.... In some cases i found that even though it gives the exception ,it actually creates the client , you can find the class files in the .deployables Create a jar of all the class files and you can use it in your application. jar -cvf ...

31. Axis2 wsdl2java codegen gives different bean structures than Axis1

I'm having a problem where I can't get Axis2 to generate a java bean class so that it is compabible with how Axis1 generated the java for the same portion of wsdl. Specifically, with Axis1 the wsld resulted in generating a primitive array, but with Axis2 it generates an additional ArrayOf class and then this new class contains the primative array. ...

32. AXIS2 wsdl2java

33. Question on axis 1.4 wsdl2java

In my project, we are planning to upgrade from axis 1.2 to axis 1.4. But when we tested, we noticed that wsdl2java is not generating some java classes which it used to generate in axis 1.2 For eg, with the wsdl structure as below,

35. Axis2 - wsdl2java - services.xml

36. Axis 1.3 - WSDL2JAVA issue

Axis gurus, I am learning axis as part of my job and came accros following issue. I am generating WSDL files through Ant Axis using JAVA2WSDL tool and converting generated WSDL file to JAVA using WSDL2JAVA. I have created one of the web service which returns array of custom Java class. I am running into issues when generating code from WSDL ...

37. Incorrectly generated package names using Axis2 wsdl2java

Hi All, I'm trying to generate Stub & Skeleton code using the Axis2 wsdl2java command in antscript. Reading the spec, it states that by default Value:If you don't provide a package name, the tool will use the target namespace of the source WSDL file to come up with a package name. For example, if the target namespace is, then the ...