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1. How to generate web service client with Apache CXF in Eclipse Helios?

When I go to file -> new -> other -> web services -> web service client in Eclipse Helios and select the "Web services runtime" I see "Apache CFX 2.x", but ...

2. Installing CXF with Eclipse 3.5

As per The CXF 2.x preferences can be accessed via Window > Preferences... > Web Services > CXF 2.x Preferences from the top level menu. but I dont ...

3. Unable to set up apache cxf properly in eclipse

I use eclipse Helios Service Release 2 version for apache cxf. When I go to windo->preferences->Web services-> CXF 2.x preferences, and set up the cxf runtime, then the version and type ...

4. Unable to add cxf bundle package in Eclipse

I'm trying to learn apache cxf and axis2. I created a java project in Eclipse Helios and also added Maven Integration for Eclipse. After that, I enabled Dependency Management on that project. ...

5. Issue while exposing method as webservices

Here is the code what i used to expose as webservices

rs = st.executeQuery(individualqueries);
columnNames = new ArrayList<String>();
int numCols = rs.getMetaData().getColumnCount();
int j = 0;
for (j = 1; j <= numCols; j++) 

6. Error in exposing webservices

I am working in webservices tool Apache CXF in eclipse with oracle weblogic server. When I expose method to webservices I get the following error class com.canwin.webservices.jaxws.ExecuteResponse do not have a ...