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A client is having an issue running java2ws on some of their code, which uses & extends classes that are consumed from my SOAP web services. Confused yet? :) I'm exposing a ...

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WS to make a web service. As parameters I am taking in two strings and an array of a objects whose type are a class in my project. I have the ...

3. Why doesn't JAXB handle namespaced child elements properly?    stackoverflow.com

I'm using JAXB with a CXF Web Service. When I pass:

<?xml version="1.0" ?><ns2:Optionen xmlns:ns2="http://test.at/ezustellung/global/20090501#">
to the Unmarshaller, the properties pdfAKonvertierung und signaturTyp are both null in my Object. But if I pass:
<?xml ...

4. How do I get CXF to understand a Map>?    stackoverflow.com

My restful method returns a Map<String,List<MyBean>> but I can't figure out how to get CXF and JAXB to serialise this as XML. I want it to look something like this (although I'm ...

5. dateTime marschelling in JBoss6 /CXF    stackoverflow.com

I face a problem a Webservice in JBoss6 using CXF. This code was running fine in JBoss5. In the wsdl, we have a xsd:dateTime that we map via jaxb binding to ...

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I have a class X which is used in a Service interface of a Web service built with Apache CXF and JAX-WS. This class X has no default constructor and I ...

7. Problem with jaxb unmarshal collection    stackoverflow.com

I have this problem trying to unmarshall json from rest webservice (cxf). I'm using JAXB and EclipseLink. The entity is mapped like that:

@Table(name = "service_pkg_service", schema = "MD")
public class ServicePkgService extends DatabaseModel implements ...

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Is there a way in CXF to generate JAXB classes with full constructors (i.e., with the members of the class as arguments)?

9. Registering XmlAdapter globally for any classes in different packages    stackoverflow.com

I'm using CXF 2.4 with JAXB. Could I have a global XmlAdapter for all instances of my owm class (e.g. LWDate)? I wrote a class:

public class LWDateAdapter extends XmlAdapter<Date, LWDate>
Right now I have ...

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I have a cxf JAX-RS service which looks something like the one below. When I submit a request with requested type "application/xml" I would expect that cxf automatically converts my return ...