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1. org.apache.cxf.interceptor.Fault: Unmarshalling Error: Duplicate default namespace declaration

Not sure why I am receiving this after the webservice ran and I am trying to return back to my client side bean. The webservice works perfectly outside of my ...

2. Using CXF's wsdl2java, is there an easier way to generate package names from xml namespaces without version numbers?

I'm using Apache CXF's wsdl2java utility to create some JAXB objects and some web service code. The schema in my WSDL has a lot of namespaces with version numbers on ...

3. Can an XML element in one namespace contain a child element in another, blank one with CXF?

So, I've been working on some simple SOAP-based webservices to integrate our systems with a commercial product. I've been using Apache CXF to generate Java classes from the WSDLs generated by ...

4. Apache CXF: Duplicate default namespace declaration

I'm having a problem with Apache CXF. Basically, it's turning this:

<consStatServ xmlns="" versao="2.00">
Into this:
<consStatServ xmlns:ns2="" xmlns="" xmlns="" xmlns:ns5="" versao="2.00">
Causing an "Duplicate default namespace declaration" exception. This is my Spring configuration:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<beans ...

5. org.apache.cxf.BusException: No binding factory for namespace registered

hi i am using some web services. i am getting this error at service.createDispatch method.

QName qname = new QName("", "");
Service service = Service.create(qname);
service.addPort(qname, HTTPBinding.HTTP_BINDING, "http://localhost:8080/rpc/rest/userService/users");
Map<String, Object> requestContext = dispatcher.getRequestContext();
the complete error is ...

6. CXF code first webservice is creating wsdl with xs:element form="unqualified" not picking up namespace

I'm creating webservices with CXF using the code first approach. I want to use namespaces, and therefore elementFormDefault is set to true. The WSDL is fine, except for the elements embedded in the ...

7. JAX-WS changing namespace for WebParam

We're working with JAX-WS in conjuntion with JAXB (2.1). First, we've created the Java classes linked to the XSDs types. Then, using CXF (2.1.3), Spring (2.0.8) and JAX-WS we've published a Webservice ...

8. CXF 2.4.2: No conduit initiator was found for the namespace

I have a service client generated from wsdl. I am trying to call the remote service and I recieve the conduit initiator error seen below. I have tried numerous ...