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1. JAX-RS & CXF map request to method based on XML

Hopefully I got the title right, but I'm trying to map requests using JAX-RS @Path annotations to different methods based on the entity parameter. I think example code will make it easier: Super ...

2. Exception when sending big soap request

There is a web-service deployed on tomcat 6 and exposed via apache-cxf 2.3.3. A generated sources stubs using wsdl2java to be able to call this service. Things seemed fine until I sent ...

3. CXF: how to access to the generated SOAP request

We have a Web Service client generated with CXF from a WSDL. We now need to have an access to the generated SOAP requests in order to persist them. It seems that the ...

4. How to submit JSON data as request body in Apache CXF jax-rs (REST)

I am using Apache-CXF for creating REST web services and trying to submit a form. Server:
This is my method, which is expected to get json data.


//{"Customer":{"name":"Some Name","id":6}}

public Customer addCustomer(Customer customer){


5. Does CXF with SOAP 1.1 have a maximum content length for text sent in a request?

Is there a maximum content length for text sent over CXF with SOAP 1.1? I'm running into an issue where one SOAP request is failing while the other succeeds. The only ...

6. How to route Rest request from a local service to a remote one using Camel

I am trying to route a rest request from a cxf rest service to another. I have had a look at which helped understand part of the process. ...

7. GroovyWS request nor any of its super class is known to this context

I'm trying to use GroovyWS to consume a SOAP service. The .NET code to do this looks like this:

AdminService.SHCredentials creds = new AdminService.SHCredentials();
creds.Username = "Admin";
creds.Password = "123";

AdminService.GetAccountDetailsRequest req = new AdminService.GetAccountDetailsRequest();
req.Username = ...

8. Missing Callback parameter in PUT request for a Rest Service with Apache cxf

I have a problem. I'm setting up my Rest Service using Apache cxf and in a spring configuration like this:

<bean id="contactosService" class="cl.sii.sdi.arq.pocagendasii.web.server.ContactosRestService"></bean>

<!--  jaxws:endpoint id="" implementor="cl.sii.sdi.arq.pocagendasii.web.server.ContactosRestService" address="/Greeter1" /-->

<bean id="jsonProvider" class="org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.provider.JSONProvider"/>
<bean id="multipartProvider" ...

9. CXF: getting SOAP request and response XML on the client-side

I'd like to have a CXF client which allows me to see the SOAP XML request made and response received. Use case: I'm writing a test GUI for the service for people ...

10. Why does Apache CXF WS-Security implementation ignore GET requests

I'm exposing a service as a SOAP Webservice using Apache CXF 2.4.1. I'm using CXF's WS-Security implementation to implement a custom authentication and authorization. Everything is being wired with ...

11. How to log Apache CXF Soap Request and Soap Response using Log4j

I am using Apache CXF Framework . Inside MY CLient program , i need to log CXF SOAP Requests and SOAP Responses , So when i used

 JaxWsProxyFactoryBean factory = new ...

12. How to make CXF SOAP Request to be printed under log file

@InInterceptors(interceptors = "org.apache.cxf.interceptor.LoggingInInterceptor"  )
@OutInterceptors(interceptors = "org.apache.cxf.interceptor.LoggingOutInterceptor")

public class SKTWeb implements SKTWebService {

// method logic goes here 

Hi , after adding these two lines inside the CXF Method Implementation . I ...

13. Is it possible to create a synchronnous response with CXF server and Camel which processes the request?

I would like to have a REST web service using Apache CXF and send incomming requests to a camel:route for processing. Is it possible to create a response synchronnously (if a ...