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1. OSGi bundle restart with cxf-extension-osgi

I have a simple CXF RS bundle deployed in Fuse 4.2 that works fine upon initial installation. But, when I update or re-install the bundle, the REST service in no longer ...

2. IllegalStateException on camel cxf route in FUSE (servicemix) ESB

I try to set up a camel (Ver. 2.4.0) route in a FUSE (Ver. 4.3.0) ESB/OSGi container. It should be a simple cxf-proxy to route a WebService call from a 'proxy' address ...

3. Using ServiceMix to Proxy Remote Web Service

This might be obvious but i just still don't understand how i'd do it with ServiceMix : An external web service
My platform is for example
I'd like ...

4. CXF SE ServiceMix Binding extra classes

any idea how I do create and set the data binding on cxfse? This is an example that works in cxf


5. servicemix 4.3.2 camel cxf producer to cxf-nmr consumer Not Working

I've been trying to get two separate bundles to communicate via a nmr endpoint using a camel cxf producer. I have been working on this all week and so far ...

6. Getting problems in adding cutom JAAS Login module in Servicemix

I am using Servicemix 4.2 for my osgi based webservice application. My webservice application is exposed using the CXF stack provided with the Servicemix. Now we have to integrate the application with a ...

7. In the context of ServiceMix/CXF, what does 'transport' mean?

I have identified a concept pervading many components and ServiceMix elements. The term is transport. I have seen it used when defining CXF endpoints mostly. See for example this thread post: