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1. How to use concurrently different version of the same classes    stackoverflow.com

I have to provide an interface to a set of web services for which I have generated the code stubs and object binding. Many of the transactions share a common ...

2. Empty elements for primitve datatypes forbidden in XSD    stackoverflow.com

I encountered a parsing error with Apache CXF while processing a webservice response. What it comes down to is an empty element being returned:

<myValue />
The element definition is as follows:
<xsd:element name="myValue" ...

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I have to interact with a set of web-services that each come with their own WSDL and XSD. The XSD are sometimes merged in a single file sometimes spread along ...

4. generate xsd from xml    stackoverflow.com

I need a tool to automatically generate an xsd from an xml file. Are there tools that do this? How does it work? Thanks!

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I'm currently working on a wsdl/soap project using Java/apache cxf. In the wsdl file, the xsd part includes a xsd external file.
When I build my file (using wsdl2java) everything runs fine. ...

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I generate WSDL files for several web services (from the server service definitions) where I have already XML schemas (*.XSD) for the beans used as parameters. How do I tell java2ws ...

7. How do you call a web service in Java with only XSD and NO WSDL?    stackoverflow.com

I have a web service outside of my company that provides no WSDL for their service. They do provide:

  • a detailed document on how to POST to their service
  • what a SoapEnvelope ...

8. Hand-crafted WSDL from XSD fails in CXF: the namespace on the "QueryResponse" element, is not a valid SOAP version    stackoverflow.com

I have a web service that follows some of the semantics of a SOAP service, but they don't provide a WSDL for said service. Instead, they provide an XSD, by ...

9. Apache CXF wsdl does not include any data type definition    stackoverflow.com

I am using Apache CXF 2.4.2 for implementing a SOAP webservice. I followed/adapted the tutorial (see next link) to create a webservice by a contract.

In this example, ...

10. webservices : Are xs:string and xsd:string are same ??    stackoverflow.com

We have developed Webservices using Apache CXF , and they are working fine . This is some part of our generated wsdl file (http://localhost:8080/MyWeb/tata/soap?wsdl).

<xs:element minOccurs="0" name="strikePrice" type="xs:double"/>
<xs:element minOccurs="0" name="symbol" ...