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1. How best to store Subversion version information in EAR's?

When receiving a bug report or an it-doesnt-work message one of my initials questions is always what version? With a different builds being at many stages of testing, planning and deploying ...

2. How could I get an .ear's filesize at runtime?

I started out attempting to do this with the Length ant task, but realized that that would be done before the ear is packaged. Packaging the ear, then checking the ...

3. Is there an ant task to add a .war to an existing exploded ear

Have a build process that can't be edited and need to pack another war in the the ear that is generated. The ear is exploded so it's just a matter ...

4. Separate same jars in different WAR of a EAR

currently we are facing one problem. We are building a ear which contains multiple war files. In 2 of the WARs contains same jars. Both these wars need these jars during ...

5. Ant script from DOS prompt

How to exexute RAD specific ANT task "earExport" with WAS JRE outside of RAD.
info: JAVA_HOME is set to

ANT_HOME is set to
RAD's JRE location is
C:\Program~1\IBM\RAD7\runtimes\base_v7\java\jre <br/>
Build Script Location: ...

6. Issue in Creating EAR File Using ANT

Hi i want to create a EAR file for ADF application without using ojdeployer(using pure ant script). Can any one suggest me the template build.xml of EAR file of any Sample Application so that i can come across what are the patterns,jars,excluded names,included names of EAR . Thanks In Advance, Regards Rengasamy A