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1. Config file modification in Deployed EAR    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to edit the config files, which are in a deployed EAR? If yes, please let me know how to do that without re-deploying the EAR.

2. Splitting a large Ear to seperate wars with SSO a good idea?    stackoverflow.com

I am working in an environment where there is one very large EAR that runs the whole website. This is large to the point if being unwieldy e.g. slow deployments, long ...

3. How to add EAR files in a java console application    stackoverflow.com

I want to know how to add an EAR file into a simple java class i.e a standalone application. Let say i have a class Employee

package com.Employee;

import com.xyz.Workflow;//this library is present ...

4. loading shared classes in application javaee5    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to load some classes that are common to all the web applications of my ear in a java ee 5 application. I tried to do this by putting ...

5. Gradle - when is a plug-in preferable over a script?    stackoverflow.com

I'm using gradle to manage a multi-project J2EE build - the end-goal is to produces a series of server package/artifacts that can be deployed to a target server, unzipped, and run. ...

6. Scannotation find classes inside ear/war/jar    stackoverflow.com

My application is running under JBoss AS 6. If the application was deployed exploded, scannotation find classes successfuly. But if the application is deployed archived in a EAR, that contains an WAR, ...

7. How can I get attributes from the MANIFEST.MF file in a EAR-packaged application?    stackoverflow.com

I'd like to be able to get attributes like Implementation-Version that are set in my EAR file's MANIFEST.MF, so that I can make them available in a webapp. What's the best way ...

8. EAR vs. RPM for shipping web applications?    stackoverflow.com

When shipping a web application to production, would you consider an enterprise application archive or an RPM? What are the cons and pros of each? With RPM you can keep track of versioning ...

9. Ear encoding inside the archive    stackoverflow.com

These days, I drove crazy to deploy an ear on unix enviroment using Weblogic.
At the end I realized by using (cat -v file.properties) that such file was full of ^M at ...

10. Logback in java EAR applications    stackoverflow.com

What is the best way to bundle logback in an ear application. The application encaspulates web applications (war files) and ejb modules? By having the logback.xml in the web application I only ...

11. Explanation of class loading in an EAR for non-requested but dependent class    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to track down a problem I'm having in WAS 6.1 with AXIS 1 and Commons Logging. My EAR is set to parent last. In the ear is commons-logging, Axis ...

14. Reading a EAR file    coderanch.com

Hi, need to know whether a particluar class ex: Person is present in the ear file or not ? Actually Person class is present in a jar file within the ear file. I tried to use java.util.jar package which has a class called JarFile which gives me the list like this META-INF/ META-INF/MANIFEST.MF lib/ lib/cglib-2.0-rc2.jar META-INF/application.xml META-INF/sun-j2ee-ri.xml abc.jar Actually the Person ...

15. Ear class loading question    coderanch.com

This is a general class loader question with a weblogic twist. You are asking whether there is anything special required to load jars in the ear root. That implies, and you should really state this, that it did not work when you tried it. The answer is "yes". That a jar or class file is in the root of the ear ...

16. How to get inside a .ear file    coderanch.com

Hi, I have a java code, at a particular point in this class, I was reading a file. I used to give the path as C:\temp\subTemp\myfile.xml. Now i have to access a file from inside an .ear file, how do I go about giving the path? How to get inside the .ear file. What path do I use. NOTE: I have ...

17. How to make ear file?    coderanch.com

18. Using Application Property files in an EAR    coderanch.com

In my deployment set-up, I want to keep the application level property files outside of the EAR file, so that if we ever need to modify the contents of these files, we won't have to re-deploy the EAR file. There are two ways (that I know) to do this. One is hardcode the location of the property file on the server, ...

19. EAR file?    coderanch.com

20. upload file outside EAR    coderanch.com

Hi, Is it possible to upload a file to a location outside the EAR location. This application is running on WAS 6.0 on Unix environment. Right now i have my WAR deployed in an EAR and im saving my files in a folder inside the WAR but now i want to save the file to a folder outside the EAR itself ...

21. ear    coderanch.com

For create the ear in netbeans, you need to create a Enterprise Aplication besides your web aplication, and add your web aplication (check the create web aplication module and put the name of your web aplication), when you build the enterprise aplication your war file packaged in ear file. But as Ulf said, you dont need de ear file if your ...

22. shared Gif Jpgs Images mult ear files    coderanch.com

23. EAR Files    coderanch.com

24. Running from EAR    coderanch.com

Hello all, I'd like to know if it's possible to run an application from an EAR file. If so, how do I do it? Currently, I get an "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError". My EAR file contains all the libraries bound on APP-INF/lib, and the JAR file with the Main-Class correctly set on the "/", the root. Outside the EAR file, ...

25. Executing a program in an ear file    coderanch.com

EAR files (Enterprise ARchive) normally contain Java EE applications that you need to deploy on a Java EE application server. Do you have a JAR file inside your EAR file that contains a standalone Java application? EAR files are really just JAR files. So you can use the JAR utility to look inside them and extract files from them. You'll need ...

26. renaming file in the ear    coderanch.com

May be you will need to extract the contents of the ear file. Then rename your file to original.txt and zip it up as an ear. Probably you will have to use the jar utilities to extract your files from the ear and later use your build scripts to create your ear. Not sure what a text file is doing in ...

27. how to open .ear file    coderanch.com

28. Run java class that lives in .ear    coderanch.com

So I have a main inside one of my java classes. It is packaged in a jar(test.jar) and that jar is placed in an ear(test.ear). The ear is deployed to the server. Now I want to run that classes main by using the ear in my classpath. I know that if I just used the jar I could get to that ...

29. Creating EAR file using Command prompt    coderanch.com

30. Extracting an ear using java    coderanch.com

31. Replace class in deployed EAR    coderanch.com

I'm not sure where to put this question so if it doesn't belong here just move it. I have a deployed EAR on our server. It has been well over a year since I have worked with this particular project but recently realized that I needed to retype a couple of variables from float to double to stop an overflow math ...

32. inter-application communication between ear files    coderanch.com

Hi All, I have a question regarding inter application communication. We have two java apps tot be represented by 2 ear files. Both the apps will be deployed on the same application server. App1 is a UI + core java application. App 2 is pure java app but we are currently flexible on how we want to expose this app depending ...

33. CDI beans for multiple WARs in an EAR    coderanch.com

Hi I have an EAR file that contains 2 WARs Only the beans in 1 war are ever loaded. Both have a beans.xml in their WEB-INF folders 1 war works fine, the other doesn't. I can then remove the beans.xml from the war that works, only leaving beans.xml in the one that previously didn't work, restart and now this war works ...

34. wet behind the ears...    forums.oracle.com

hello community! ok, so netbeans wont work for me. im over that. i see some debate, or preference rather, over using an IDE vs. not using one. I have very basic knowledge of c++ and took visual basic a few years ago.. im looking for the next step, can anyone point to some helpful tutorials which arent too complicated at first, ...

35. Searching for freeware within an ear file    forums.oracle.com

Hello everyone, We currently have a third party doing some development work for us and it seems that they are compiling some freeware software within their application code to add certain focuntionality to the application. I was wondering if there was a method of searching within EAR or JAR files to get a list of any potential freeware contained within the ...

36. How to reduce EAR file size of ADF 11 g Application.    forums.oracle.com

To solve this problem,while crearting EAR file for every form the libraries included in WAR are common,so i extracted those libraries and added to the WLS classpath.(so no need to pack those libraries every time when i am creting EAR.)here i am getting eror.the error is classnot found exception "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.faces.context.FacesContextFactory".But this class is alredy persent in jsf-api.jar which exist in ...

37. adding property file in a ear file    forums.oracle.com

Why ? because I have several properties file that I have put in a RAD project like MyPropertiesProject.The static property files are inside this project. Right now I have to copy MyPropertiesProject inside the ear project and then when I build my ear I get that MyPropertiesProject inside the ear project. In WAS 7.0 server,I specify the jvm classpath as MyApplication.ear/MyPropertiesProject/mainframe.properties ...

38. specify a property file inside a ear file    forums.oracle.com

39. Ear "Version" in properties of Java files    forums.oracle.com

Hi Poeple I realized that in built files by Microsft tool(such as Visual Studio), when they have the DLL or EXE extension, and you enter in "Properties", it show an ear called "Version". Do you know if i can do this in Java files, like .java, .jsp, ... ??? And how can i do that ??? Thanks

40. EAR file`    forums.oracle.com

HOW TO MAKE AN EAR FILE: method 1: manually. Create your EJB jar, create your web war, create your META-INF/application.xml, stick it all in an EAR file with your favorite zip tool. method 2: use an IDE with JEE project support. Both Eclipse (with the proper plugin) and Netbeans will do just fine in this department. method 3: use Maven to ...

43. how to map file from .ear file?    forums.oracle.com

Hi experts, I have deployed an application on websphere 6.0 using application.ear. I want a file from that application.ear to give path in one of the hyperlink in some .jsp file. The application.ear file has webPro.war and other files in it. and the file that I want is in webPro.war/Prod/policy.pdf on the click of the hyperlink this .pdf should be referenced ...

44. Startup class in weblogic9.2 upon delpoyment of ear    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I've been given a task to call a startup class when a application ear is delpoyed. However, there are following constraints : 1) Do not modify the config.xml.The startup class provided by administrative console/config.xml will not serve. 2)There should be no need to create a war file.Meaning that the old method of using Servlet is also prohibited. Can anyone ...

45. How to create EAR file    forums.oracle.com

46. Multiple ear and shared dabase access problem    forums.oracle.com

Hi Friends, Need urgent help. I working on a project where there will be multiple ear ,each for one application. There are 4 project and 4 ears and one common util war file which will be shared by all ears. Problem is : 3 of the projects will use same database tables. I am using hibernate ORM mapping for database table. ...

47. tar not extracting EAR file    forums.oracle.com

48. Pulling interface out of EAR file after source code went missing    forums.oracle.com

Hey everyone. I'm not a Java programmer, but I've recently gotten a client who has a website with a java core that they no longer have the source code for (they claim). At the moment they have the site itself written in ASP and communicating via JBoss/Apache through a com interface. What I'd like to do is get more information about ...

50. Reading Java files from a EAR file    forums.oracle.com

51. Java files from a EAR file    forums.oracle.com

52. property file should be externalize and outside the archive (say ear) ?    forums.oracle.com

Example tomorrow if something goes wrong in production and we want to enable the debug log,then we can change the property file ,restart the server and we are good.If it was inside the archive file we have to create a brand new a brand new archive file ,redeploy it and restart the server again.

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