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1. Deploying EAR file in Sun App Server having problem with proxy server setttings

When I am deploying certain vendor EAR file to Sun App Server, I encountered a connection timeout errror. I thought the reason might be proxy settings need to be defined so ...

2. how to access method from one ear to another ear on same app server

i have deployed two EARs on one server. i want to access one method in one java class in EAR to another java class in second EAR. what are different ways to ...

3. Server can not find class in .ear

I have some problems with my .ear file. The structure of the file is:


5. pass info to another ear in same server cluster

Jesus, Do you not want the user to see the info for security reasons or for displaying nicer URLs? If it is the later, you could use a form POST instead. Is this user specific information or application level information? If it is the later, you could user property files or the like. If it is security related info specific to ...

6. ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.cactus.server.ServletTestRedirector when deploying the ear.

Hi, We have a migration program of our application from weblogic 9.2 to 10.3.3 application server.Accordingly we had to run the weblogic DD convertor to generate the deployment descriptor to be compatible with the latest server which generated in the xml files refering to latest xsd references for 10.3.3 server. But unfortunately during the deployment of ear file we faced with ...

7. Deploying EAR file to server

if they're smart they've hammered the production environment shut with loads of access control and firewalls to prevent access to it by people who have no business there (meaning anyone BUT the sysadmins responsible for maintaining the machine, and especially no access to developers). Ask someone with the correct privileges to retrieve that earfile and mail it to you (or place ...