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1. How can I store JEE configuration parameters outside of an EAR or WAR?    stackoverflow.com

I want to store configuration for a web project outside of the web project (ear/war file). The application shouldn't know in which container it's running (WebSphere/JBoss etc.). What is the best way ...

2. .war vs .ear file    stackoverflow.com

What is the difference between a .war and .ear file?

3. How to generate an ear file from a maven-archetype-webapp artifact?    stackoverflow.com

I currently have a project built with maven-archetype-webapp artifact. The default packaging for this project is war. Is it possible for me to insert the maven-ear-plugin in this webapp pom.xml generate ...

4. Setting context root for EAR application (Resin)    stackoverflow.com

I have a EAR application with following structure:

|-- app.war
    `-- application.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<application xmlns="http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/j2ee"

5. Gradle - ear file with war file    stackoverflow.com

It works with ear file we build with Maven. Using Gradle, I have an EAR (MyEnterpriseApp) file with a WAR (Myweb) and set of jar files in the root folder. When ...

6. Classloading in EAR/WAR    stackoverflow.com

Genally, an archive should be able to deployable on any application server as long as it conforms to the packaging standard and not using any app server specific artifacts. But many ...

7. .ear file and .war files    coderanch.com

hello, i was trying to understand the deployment procedure. I have some confusion with .war and .ear files. Suppose i am using Tomcat and created the directory as 'test'. structure is as follows: tomcat / webapps / test / \ jsp WEB-INF(it contais web.xml) When i run any '.jsp' file the corrosponding servlet gets created in 'work' directory. If i want ...

8. Urgent: cannot find property file in war when packaged in ear    coderanch.com

yeah I have to load the property file some how so that the servlet can read it. Now when I simply doploy the war, war classloader can locate the file in web-inf/claases directory. However, when the war is packaged along with some server side componenets in an ear, then the ear classloader does not delegate this task to war classloader and ...

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16. reading Ear file and inner ear or war file    forums.oracle.com

Actually My problem is to read and store the all java files and its path from a Ear file or War file. If a archive contains inner archive as well then the process will be the same for inner jar. pls give me a sample code so that i can develop my solution Thanks