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1. Different kind of Java EE projects    stackoverflow.com

What is the different between different kind of Java EE projects in Eclipse WTP? There are:

  • Application Client Project
  • Connector Project
  • Enterprise Application Project
  • Utility Project

2. Eclipse WTP deployment of build path dependencies    stackoverflow.com

I have an Eclipse project that is dependent on other projects (Project Properties/Java Build Path/Projects), and these other projects export their own libraries (Project Properties/Java Build Path/Order and Export). Is there a ...

3. Configuring Helios WTP utility project's build path with EAR Libraries    stackoverflow.com

I create three projects: An EAR parent project, an EJB child project, and a Utility child Project. I add a jar and the utility project to the "Ear Module ...

4. How does MyEclipse compare to Eclipse JavaEE?    stackoverflow.com

They both seem to have the similar features. I am curious on getting some opinion on how the two compare.

5. eclipse WTP    coderanch.com

Hi all, I am new to web service. I have couple of doubts if you could help me out with i'd be thankful 1. to create web services in eclipse there are two ways : 1. install WTP 2. install axis2-eclipse-codegenerator plugin. IS that right what I understood? If not completely, please throw some light on it. 2. how can I ...