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1. Search on Ehcache Element

I have list object(List that is in cache,Is anyone knows how to do search on that list object withehcache api.Please give me any samples. Thanks in Advance --Raju

2. search api for ehcache

I have just checked the Terracotta EHCache and found the open source version has not supporting the search queries on the cache. I just tried with small application but it is ...

3. caching system with search query option

I am looking for a distributed cache solution that will also support some sort of basic query languages like "get the objects which has > 10" kind of. I did a ...

4. How to Search ehcache, while using DiskPersistentStore?

I am using Ehcache 2.3 and it seems search is not allowed if DiskPersistentStore is used:

net.sf.ehcache.config.InvalidConfigurationException: Search attributes not supported by this store type:
What are my alternatives? Is there another ...