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1. How does EHCache using Terracotta handle eviction from the distributed heap?    stackoverflow.com

We've recently started using EHCache with Terracotta to run a distributed data cache for application data. Let's say that any client node has about 2gb for their heaps, whereas server ...

2. Difference between "on-heap" and "off-heap"    stackoverflow.com

Ehcache talks about on-heap and off-heap memory. What is the difference? What JVM args are used to configure them?

3. Java heap space error    forums.terracotta.org

canos neo Joined: 12/14/2011 03:57:25 Messages: 1 Offline hi guys, I'm running a terracotta server 3.5.1 instance with -xmx=768m -xms=768m I'm getting heap space errors, I may grow up the memory, but I'm not sure because the system has more then 150MB free everytime. I dont know what "Asking for a large amount of memory" means, why is a warn? Should ...