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1. Is it unnecessary to use ehcache over mongodb?

1 for indexed object, such as user indexed by Id username 2 simple query, such as search by page, username 3 complex query, tag, geolocation query. Any suggestions?

2. EhCache BigMemory vs Diskstore on RAM disk

How is the performance of BigMemory of Enterprise Ehcache compared to Diskstore of Ehcache Community Edition used with RAM disk? Big Memory permits caches to use an additional type of ...

3. Can/Should I disable the cache expiry when backing data store is unavailable?

I'm just started out with Ehcache, and it seems pretty good so far. I'm using it in a simplistic fashion to speed up reads against a database, but I wonder whether ...

4. ehcache monitor: installation/configuration

In the documentation there is a phrase:

It is recommended that you install the Monitor on an Operations server separate to production.
Why it is so? What ...