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1. ehcache persist to disk issues

I want to do something with ehcache in Java that I think should be extremely simple, but I've spent enough time frustrating myself with the docs...

  1. Write a value to a disk ...

2. Distributed, persistent cache using EHCache

I currently have a distributed cache using EHCache via RMI that works just fine. I was wondering if you can include persistence with the caches to create a distributed, persistent cache. Alongside ...

3. why are ehcache disk store invalidated after jvm restarts?

I have a java app running on JDK 1.6.0_17 on Linux. I'm using ehcache 2.1.0, with a very simple ehcache.xml file:

<diskStore path="/ext/ehcache"/>

4. Ehcache is creating unnecessary timestamped directories for disk persistence

I wanted to use Ehcache's disk persistence with the ability to keep the data between restarts. My configuration looks like this:


  <diskStore path="/tmp/blah"/>


5. How Ehcache synchronize data back to the persistent layer ?

I have answered same post on below threads: Please do not post same issue at two place. I am again posting the answer below: Databases (and other SORs) weren't built with caching outside of the database in mind, and therefore don't normally come with any default mechanism for notifying external processes when data has been updated or modified. Use one ...