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1. Loading a list on an EJB

I have a remote EJB with a method that validates an object (returning true or false). I want to be able to pass it an ArrayList object and have the EJB ...

2. How to call remote EJB from standalone client

I have my EJB deployed on weblogic server. I want to access those EJB from standalone applications (a thin client).

3. Are AS (with EJBs) the only way for JEE client/server communication?

Imagine a Java client/server ERP application serving up to 100 concurrent users, both web and swing clients. For persistence we can use Persistence API and Hibernate. But when it comes to ...

4. Keeping state with remote EJBs and Web Services

I have a web-based application which makes use of remote EJBs for its business logic. Some of these EJBs are also exposed as Web Services. I need to keep a small ...

5. Can I have multiple EJB declarations for the same Home and Remote classes?

Can one declare multiple beans in the ejb-jar.xml (in EJB 1.1) deployment descriptor with different names but the same classes behind? For example:


6. Remote EJB3 invocation

Are remote EJB calls, made from the same application server, always optimized as local, in-memory calls, and is serialization of data skipped in this scenario? In other words, is it valid ...

7. Returning superclass of return type from remote EJB method

Let's say I have remote interface A:

public interface A {
  public Response doSomething();
And implementation:
public class B implements A {
  public BeeResponse doSomething() {...}
  • BeeResponse extends Response.
  • Response is located ...

8. Deploying remote EJB and Web application

I have successfully deployed an EJB 3 module and a JSF WEB app which calls the EJB module's beans using netbeans IDE locally. Now when I try to deploy this in ...

9. Caching remote EJB 3.0 reference

I was thinking how could i save time on looking up remote ejb reference through jndi. I had an application that needed to work very fast, but it also had to ...

10. DeploymentException while deploying the remote EJB

I am getting this exception while running a dynamic web project

Error installing to Real: name=vfsfile:/C:/jboss-5.0.1.GA_1/jboss-5.0.1.GA/server/default/deploy/BookMartEAR.ear/ state=PreReal mode=Manual requiredState=Real
org.jboss.deployers.spi.DeploymentException: Error deploying BookMartEJB.jar: Container jboss.j2ee:ear=BookMartEAR.ear,jar=BookMartEJB.jar,name=BookMartBean,service=EJB3 failed to resolve persistence unit BookMartEjb
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: ...

11. Splitting remote EJB functionality between different remote objects

I am working on a legacy system, where there is a remote bean that has become too big and monolithic, and I would like to keep separate the new functionality I ...

12. we get the Ejb home and ejb remote implementaion at clent side?

In some articles on different sites i read that we only serialize/deserialize the state of object.On the deserialization side actual class definition should be present. If that is the case, In case ...

13. Call EJB3 Local bean through Remote bean from external JVM

Not terribly experienced using EJB, and I ran into the following problem with which I hope one of you guys can help out. Suppose the following situation: a set of @Local beans ...

14. How to use EJB Remote with Netbeans7.0 ?

I try to create Session Bean in Netbeans 7.0 but when I select Remote then I have to select Java Application in Netbeans. It different from Netbeans 6.8 ,6.9 which in Netbeans6.8, 6.9 not have dropdown for select Java Application when we choose Remote. So I don't know how to use EJB Remote in Netbeans7.0 then I click finish. After that, ...

15. remote ejb call failing

Hi , I am using Glassfish 3.1 with netbeans 7.1 . I have two projects - utility and ejb. In project ejb, I have Impl class of the session bean and in project utility I have the Remote Interface of the same bean. I am using the following connection code remote = (NewSessionBeanRemote) ctx.lookup("java:global/ejb.NewSessionBean"); and @Stateless (name="java:global/ejb.NewSessionBean") public class NewSessionBean implements ...

16. Webservice and remote ejbs

I have a requirement to call a remote ejb y in a different ear through ejb x in another ear using webservices on weblogic. I have some of the steps for using ejb y as a remote service create the stateless bean y remote interface, bean, home For exposing the bean y as Web service endpoint interface Do I need an ...

18. How we get the Ejb home and ejb remote implementaion at clent side?

In some articles on different sites i read that we only serialize/deserialize the state of object.On the deserialization side actual class definition should be present. If that is the case, In case of EJB then how we get the Ejb home and ejb remote implementaion from server(which is on remote machine) as on client side we just have home and remote ...

19. Remote client for EJB3

Today my application is with EJB2.I picked a EJB and converted to EJB3. every thing looks fine other than calling my EJB from a remote client.I know @EJB DI will not be usefull for remote clients and i tried like below : @Stateless(name ="example" , mappedNAme="ejb/exampleJNDI") and in my remoteclient program: InitialContext ctx = new InitialContext(); ExampleInterface ei = (ExampleInterface)ctx.lookup(ejb/exampleJNDI); String ...

20. Remote EJB lookup in EJB 2.1 & later.