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1. Are EJB implemented with sockets?

Does EJB internally use sockets while exchanging beans with clients?

2. socket communication in EJB

Hi all, I have a requirement for a part of my JavaEE application to listen on a port for socket connections from probably thousands of client per second. Presently I have used a normal Java thread as client to my EJBs for this and pass on data collected to the EJBs for processing . My question is, Is there a better ...

3. Can EJB's use Sockets?

No, this is against the EJB spec. There are several things you can do - a popular one is to use a JMS queue, have the bean act as the producer to the queue and another non-EJB class be the consumer. The bean can send a message to the queue and the consumer can open the socket and write the message ...

4. Sockets and EJB

5. securing web service developed as an EJB

Hi anas, recently i got same problem. & i solved my problem as username and password are configure in Glashfish server for that role ecs. I have given that username and password in Soup ui request properties. I got solve my problem. I think it is help full for you. Regards Ramesh