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1. How to consume a webservice from an EJB    stackoverflow.com

I am currently trying to wrap my mind around Java EE 5. What I'd like to do is create a sample application that

  • offers a simple stateless EJB (e. g. a simple ...

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I would have thought that there is a lot of information out there on this, but I haven't found anything that really answers my question. What are the advantages of making an ...

3. Documenting EJB3 Web Services    stackoverflow.com

I have a simple web service as below

 * Test web service
public class HelloWorldWebService {

   * Greets the user by appending 'Hello' before the name

4. Are EJBs applications like Web Services?    stackoverflow.com

Is developping an EJB application is considered like a web services ? Or the two are different ? Or you can make EJBs like web services ?

5. What can WebServices do that EJB can't?    stackoverflow.com

Interoperability comes to mind (MS/Java). Also, with EJB you need to distribute EJB interface, with WS you got WSLD (I know there's EJB extension for WSDL, but I'm not sure it's ...

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I have turn EJB 3.1 into web-service. And now I need to create the JSON webservice for communication with JavaScript component. JavaScri[t component will use JSON version of the interface to ...

7. How to handle an online payment handled using Web Services safely?    stackoverflow.com

Disclaimer: I only have a very basic understanding of how Web Services work and don't know much about advanced WS topics such transactions, etc. Let's pretend that I am developing an online ...

8. How to get the Request object in an EJB based Web Service    stackoverflow.com

Unlike JAX-WS web services, I couldn't get the SOAP request object in an EJB based Web Services, by the way, I am using Oracle Application Server. Thanks.

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Just finished developing prototyping web services using a simple Java class exposed as a stateless rpc web service to connect to Oracle. The java class simply packs/unpacks data and a PL/SQL stored procedure is called to do most of the work. The databases acceses are mostly simple get and update functions. We chose PL/SQL because we think that it will be ...

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Hi all, I'm very new to webservices. Can i do the following task using webservice ? I have a set of Ejb's deployed in App server. I need to create a webservice that calls this & return some thing to client. Is there any way for a remote client to call the ejb through a web service ?

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21. please help me - ejb web service    coderanch.com

good evening! I'm using eclipse, jboss and axis! i got the following problem and really don't have any idea who to solve it i've got a ejb, named SearchBean ... and i want to make a web service ... so i wrote a deploy.wsdd:

22. Creating a framework for setting up a ejb service provider using    coderanch.com

Hi All, I am trying to create a framework for setting up a ejb service provider using AXIS. In this process I want to address below scenarios: a. I should able to handle custom java objects, java collections etc. used by the ejb b. the axis ejb provider should be compatible with ejb deployed in WebSphere, JBoss etc. since I think ...

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24. AXIS - EJB Provider    coderanch.com

Hi All, I have deployed an ejb on JBoss and I am using axis-1_2RC1. Below is working configuration for this ejb web service in server-config.wsdd ...

25. AXIS Stubs Problem and unable to consume EJB web service    coderanch.com

Hi All, Environment ------------ WSAD 5.1.2 AXIS 1.2 RC2 on both server and client WebSphere Application Server 5.0 I have deployed an EJB using WSAD 5.1.2's WebSphere 5.0 Test Environment and exposed it as web service using AXIS 1.2 RC2 on the server side. I am able to test and run the ejb using WSAD's Universal Test Client but when I ...

26. ** iFlex Bangalore / Chennai Invites EJB Experts **    coderanch.com

Thursday, February 17, 2005 Hello Added Values' is a Chennai based IT consulting. We pride ourselves for providing high quality Human resources Client: iFlex Solutions Visit: www.iflexsolutions.com Skill: J2EE, EJB, Oracle / Sybase Experience: 4 to 5 Years Work Location: Bangalore / Chennai Interested candidates kindly forward your updated profile with the following details to hari@addedv.com A: Current CTC B: Expected ...

27. EJB Components into WebServices    coderanch.com

Hello, We have an up and running system using EJB on Websphere. A new requirement has come up, requiring us to expose the EJB business layer as a webservice in order to enable another system to use ours. What are the options available? In view of the experienced folks which approach would be most suited? One way I believe is to ...

28. Problem copiling EJB Web Services    coderanch.com

I tried to use EWS (i.e., exposing session bean as web service, as per JSR109/921) in Weblogic 9.0Beta, but was unable to get it working. I found later that it was recognised that this didn't work. I notice Weblogic 9 has moved past Beta, so maybe it does work now. The list of known bugs may help you. I'd also suggest ...

29. webservice vs. EJB, and wscompile    coderanch.com

Hi, Folks, I am new for webservice. I have couple of questions. 1.)From what I have learned, the web service is like EJB session bean. I know web services communicate by XML message, and not tied to any one operating system and languages. For our pdsstudio application, I wonder what are advantages to use web service comparing with EJB. 2.) I ...

30. EJB End Point Design?    coderanch.com

Hello Friends Please can you let me know what does a EJB End Point design mean. I have EJB component and company wants to make it as a Web Service. My understanding is just create a WSDL file based on the remote interface of the EJB component and package it accordingly so that any client can find it and JAX-RPC server ...

31. why web service cannot be implemented by statefull EJB?    coderanch.com

Because web services are inherently stateless (for scalabilty purposes). So any "state data" would have to be submitted together with any request. That of course doesn't stop the underlying service from correlating state information to a client or processing ID that is part of the request. Sun could have simply defined a protocol for SFSBs to include a SFSB ID in ...

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35. WebServices versus EJB    coderanch.com

Both stateless session beans and web services can be used as access points/an interface to remotely managed business logic. However considering the strengths and weaknesses of each technology the interfaces should be designed quite differently. Ideally a Web Service interface should be message based and less chatty than the SSB equivalent (though SSBs do benefit from a coarse-grained design).

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40. Expose EJB as webservice    coderanch.com

I am a newbie to webservice. I have an EJB and I want to expose that as wsdl. I have created an ant task build which uses servicegen. Some of the methods in my EJB returns hashtable, vector, user defined objects. When I run the build task I get this error. Any help on this is greatly appreciated. Here is my ...

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45. Serialization in EJB3 based webservice    coderanch.com

Hi, I'm trying to implement custom serialisation for an ejb3 web service with oc4j -- I want to say which xml type is used in the wsdl and then parse this xml by hand. I'm using ejb3, so have a simple web service using annotations, which is packaged into an ejb-jar within an ear, which has an application.xml and hibernate.cfg.xml ...

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49. EJB 3 as web service    coderanch.com

Hi there, Please guide me on how to expose EJB3 as a web service? My enviornment is WAS(Web sphere application Server) - RAD- I am using JAX-WS for creating web service. I have installed Web service feature pack for both JAX-WS and EJB3. Any guide lines on how to do that or any link may be helpfull. What I have learned ...

50. web services is replacement for EJB    coderanch.com

Thanks for you reply,sorry for asking this again,I read a some article,in that given as "EJB is a server component deployed in different JVMs.So Instead of accessing the EJB thru RMI,EJB can be implemented as web services in remote machine and used in my application.So here No role of EJB." Please correct me if i am wrong

51. Exposing EJB as a webservice    coderanch.com

Hi I am exposing some methods of an EJB as a webservice. The code compiles fine and I was also able to deploy. But when I go to console to view my deployments, I see that the bean is not deployed. Also the webservice is also not deployed. Has anyone faced this problem? Thanks Lavanya

52. Exposing EJB as Webservice...    coderanch.com

Originally posted by Bala Gangadhar: It simply deployed a ejb and write a client program which has a method called callEJB() and exposed that method as webservice. The way you describe it here sounds like the EJB client is the web service - in effect it is transforming the web service method call to an EJB call. The indirection is not ...

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56. Exposing EJB as Web Service    coderanch.com

String servicePort = "http://localhost:9081/mqppapp01-web/services/LoanAppEJB?WSDL"; UserCreditProfile us = new UserCreditProfile(); us.setLoanAmt(9000); us.setSalary(1000); us.setScore(700); LoanAppEJB service=null; try { InitialContext context = new InitialContext(); LoanAppEJBService loanService = (LoanAppEJBService)context.lookup("java:comp/env/service/LoanAppEJBService"); URL wsdlLoc = new URL(servicePort); service= loanService.getLoanService(); service.processLoan(us); } catch (Exception e) { System.out.println("JSR 109 lookup failed .. defaulting to JSR 101"); // JSR 101 lookup URL wsdlLoc = new URL(servicePort); QName serviceName = new QName("http://ejb.mqpp.org.ca.com", ...

57. Cost Of Using Web Services Over EJB    coderanch.com

58. How many web services I can have in a single ejb, only one or many?    coderanch.com

Hi all my question come from the fact that I am unable to add a second web service to the same ejb. If I try it, the second web service work fine, but the first one stop to work. Is it correct? If I make two distinct ejb, one for each web service, all work fine. Is this the correct way? ...

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60. can we expose only required methods of EJB into Web service ?    coderanch.com

Hello web service experts, please help me. I have an session ejb having couple of methods out only selective methods need to be converted to web service. I know that I can run java2wsdl, wsdl2java etc to convert an EJB to webservice. But all the methods will be exposed in web service. Is there any way that only selective methods can ...

61. e- commerce web services    java-forums.org

Hi: Im i college student in his last year, in order to get the degree i must do a final project, so i decided to work in an application which could make/check money transfers and payments between two users from the same bank instead the classic credit card process in a e-shopping open source solution (credit cards arent too popular in ...

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63. EJB and Web Services    forums.oracle.com

Why we must call Web Services in EJB's? Setting aside what others have said for a minute, clarify the question please. Are you asking: A) Why web services must derive from an ejb? (They don't actually which is what at least one other poster has said) B) Why must an ejb call a web service? (Situational would depend on what you ...