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1. Best solution for using EJBs from Excel

We would like to give access to some of our EJBs from Excel. The goal is to give an API usable from VBA. Our EJBs are mostly Stateless Session Beans that do ...

2. EJB lookup throws error: org.omg.CORBA.MARSHAL: vmcid: SUN minor code: 257 completed: Maybe

When my application does EJB lookup using remote interface, I get following exception. It was working fine and in recently build something has changed which broke it.

java.rmi.MarshalException: CORBA MARSHAL 1398079745 ...

3. Implementing CORBA interface in JBoss

I'm looking for a tutorial or any additional information on how to make an EJB (or underlying MBean) accessible via CORBA. This is all I've found: I ...

4. Unable to catch COMM_FAILURE exception (java)

I´m communicating a standalone application with an EJB, if the server that holds the EJB is not turned on I receive a COMM_FAILURE like this one:

May 11, 2011 9:42:50 AM com.sun.enterprise.transaction.JavaEETransactionManagerSimplified ...

5. difference between CORBA,EJB and RMI


7. EJB's & CORBA

8. EJB talking to Corba server

9. why not just corba instead of ejb

I am confused about the technologies in using it because ejb is also for distributed and corba is distributed but i think that corba is more power full becuase it can be plug in to any where. As ejb-iiop object can not access all corba objects while corba can access all ejb objects (also ejb is not muture)can any body please ...

10. Difference between RMI, CORBA and EJB's?

All three technologies, RMI, CORBA and EJB's are distributed technologies, in that they can distribute an application across two or more computers. RMI is the Java facility for invoking methods on objects that live in a different VM. It is a good choice for small network-enabled programs in the client-server model. CORBA is a language-independent specification for network computing. It enumerates ...

11. CORBA ----EJB interoperability

12. EJB vs CORBA

You are comparing apples and oranges, for starters. The EJB spec, which outlines a suite of specifications for developing a multi-tiered expert system using Java, and CORBA, a platform-neutral specification for creating a distributed system, are not equivalent in any meaningful sense. In fact, you could build an EJB architecture using CORBA with no implied conflicts.

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16. Ejb and IONA Corba server