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1. Optional injection in EJB3 bean or runtime dependency checks

I want to define injection so that only if the injected interface has EJB it will be injected. This is used as a plug-in to the main EJB. How to do ...

2. How do you add a dependency to a JBoss EJB with a generated WebService?

I'm trying to deploy an EJB in JBoss that uses the @WebService annotation. However, the EJB has a dependency on an EJB in another ear. By adding the @Depends annotation, the ...

3. EJB Dependency Version Conflict in Sun Application Server

To summarize the issue I'm encountering, I have an EJB which uses version A of a library (let's call it dep-vA.jar). dep-vA.jar is packaged in the root of the EJB's jar ...

4. EJB3 beans deployment dependencies

I have a two Stateless EJB3 beans with bean1 depending on bean2. During deployment i get the error below

2010-07-13 12:30:43,480 ERROR [org.jboss.system.server.profileservice.ProfileServiceBootstrap] (main) Failed to load profile: Summary of incomplete deployments (SEE ...

5. EJB jar dependency in the web project

I have a ejbproject, a web project and a application project. Now I want to design a decoupled environment where Web is completely independent of ejb project. Web will only have ...

6. How to configure a depedency between a JAR and EJB in an EAR file

I have a JAR in an EAR that has a dependancy to an EJB. The structure of the EAR is:

- project1-ejb.jar 
   - helperJar.jar
helperJar.jar uses some interfaces defined in ...

7. EJB embedded container - dependency injection don't work?

Have a look at following code:

public interface MyService {

    void printMessage();

public class MyServiceImpl implements MyService {

    public void printMessage() {

8. EJB 3.1 Dependency Injection Failed

i have created a stateless session bean like this :

@WebServlet(name = "ProductController", urlPatterns = {"/ProductController"})
public class ProductController extends HttpServlet {

  private ProductFacadeBean productBean;

public class ProductFacadeBean extends AbstractFacade<Product> ...

9. Problem with Gradle ear-plugin with ejb's dependencies

I'm trying to use the new ear-plugin (gradle-1.0-milestone-4-20110610162713+0200) with ejb's. I add the ejb-jar as a deploy dependency. However since the deploy dependencies are added intransitivily I don't get the dependencies ...

10. m2eclipse wtp deploy an ejb project with dependencies

I have a ejb project with 1 dependent project (also in my workspace) that I want to deploy on glassfish. I use m2eclipse to resolve my projects en configure my eclipse ...

11. EJB and Web service relation

I have one EAR application. Web service and a Message Driven EJB inside it. I need to deploy it on glassfish server. With ant I have made an ear witch contains ...

12. Jboss AS 7 - Dependency Injection

Im attempting to make use of dependency injection in Jboss AS 7 and im having huge difficulties. I have setup a EAR which contains both a EJB jar and a war. The war ...

13. Building EJB project with dependency

Hi, I got an EJB project that has a dependency on a regular Java project. When I build the EJB project I'd like to have the sources from the Java project compiled in the target dir of the EJB project. I added the Java project to the "Order and Export" in the Project Properties -> Java Build Path, but it still ...

14. ejb 3 java ee 5 + dependency injection