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1. Invoking exe to convert text file on the run through ejb.    forums.oracle.com

Hi All I need to write code to give user facility to download a file which will be in .001 format. (I will initiate downloading of text file & then have to convert this text into .001 format.) I have an exe to convert normal text file to .001 file but my concern is how to invoke this exe on the ...

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3. EJB3 - NOTYETINSTALLED status    forums.oracle.com

/** * Determines whether another object is equal to this NewEntityBean. The result is * true if and only if the argument is not null and is a NewEntityBean object that * has the same id field values as this object. * @param object the reference object with which to compare * @return true if this object is the same as ...

4. EJB thing!    forums.oracle.com

hi all , I wanted to start with ejb 3.0 or later version. I read the theoritical concept. I want to build small aplication. but i can find the tutorial for that. can anybody send me the link for creating simple ejb(stateful session). then I would be glad. Thanks in advance to all.

5. regarding ejb    forums.oracle.com

Hello friends, I am just trying to pratice ejb on myeclipse . I am using EJB2.0, as i know we must create the bean class, Home(EJBHome) and Remote(EJBObject) but when i am doing with myeclipse i observed that it generated one more class called as xxxSession.java (for example TradeSession.java) it extends bean class and implements javax.ejb.sessionBean class. As i know and ...

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8. javax.ejb.DuplicateKeyException raised when PK are generated.    forums.oracle.com

Hi I'm facing an Exception in one of applications using EJB Below is the Description of the problem: An appliaction is using EJB entities as it's persistence model. Tthe management of the primary keys are generated using the SequenceSession and SystTableList EJBs. We need to investigate why the primary keys generation process loose the synchronization between SYSTABLELIST and the target table ...

9. A dirty approach to EJB    forums.oracle.com

Have you heard about the Singleton pattern? You can use this pattern to initialize the service locator. There, you have a static method which either instantiates a new instance if none available, or else, returns the already instantiated object to the caller. So, the client who wants a reference to the service locater only needs to call this static method and ...

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13. about ejb    forums.oracle.com

so why ejb came Do you even know the difference between a servlet and an enterprise javabean? Enterprise javabeans are no replacement, they are an extension. At the very core of java web development there are always servlets because that is the only thing we have: a servlet container. But there are many technologies and frameworks to build on top of ...

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17. how to execute a method written inside start() of ejb inside start itself??    forums.oracle.com

actually im tryin to insert the elements iside table that i have to do it manually or by coding in ejb start() actually all logic data are ready but im not sure how to srite amethod iside start and execute it there itself it says illegal start of expression and many illegals........ can neone help me even if give my pioece ...

18. java class calling ejb    forums.oracle.com

hi, i need to write a class file that calls an ejb. i found out that i need to include the context and also the object reference. but i still cant get it to call the ejb. does the class file need to be in the same folder as the ejbs? thanks

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21. Simple EJB question    forums.oracle.com

It doesn't make sense to me to do so. Since they're private, they can only be called by the EJB itself in non-private methods. Those should have their own transactions declared, so the private methods should use the transactional context of the method that calls them. I don't see how there's a need for transactions on anything other than the public ...

22. EJB    forums.oracle.com

Dear All I m a java developer working in finance based firm and providing web based sotution to that firm itself. Our bussiness logic is too complicated and data base is larger. currently I just use servlet. Now I m thinking to shift my bussiness logic part in EJB and use servlet only for presentation. Can you sugest me about EJB. ...

23. What does these classes contain in EJB?    forums.oracle.com

How does version will have affect on coding of the classes? I just wanted the basic use of those classes. When they will be used, What does they contain? A simple example would do the job. How many classes do I have to write for 1) Stateless session bean. 2) Stateful session bean. 3) CMP. 4) BMP. Searched in the Google. ...

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user575089 wrote: I don't understand "specification of programmatic defaults" ...what is programmatic defaults here ? I can only give my own interpretation. For example, if you don't specify the transaction management type, EJBs will have container based transaction management by default. If you do not specify on the EJB call level what the transaction state for that method will be, it ...

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34. When is the inteface variable in an EJB mains method initiated?    forums.oracle.com

I think I found out the answer my self. The container (glassfish) inserts references to the components and resouces with the help of annotaions. In this case the reference to the helloSession instance is injected by annotating the private static HelloSession helloSession with @EJB. My problem seem to be that there is somthing wrong with the persistence provider..

35. Data not refreshing - EJB3    forums.oracle.com

I have small read only app developed in JDeveloper the model layer has been built using EJB3. I have created/generated an entity bean from a View which queries a table that is updated nightly by a procedure with dashboard type metrics. The problem I'm seeing is that when the underlying table is updated and the update is committed to the ...