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1. EJB 2.1 Entity beans vs. EJB 3.0 Entity beans    stackoverflow.com

I had this doubt for sometime now, some people say that there's no such thing called entity beans in EJB 3.0. Is there any possibility to say so, EJB 3.0 uses ...

2. xsd to entity model (ejb3)    stackoverflow.com

I wonder if somebody knows if there is a framework somewhere out there tha can convert from XSD to entity model. thank kiu..

3. How I can use Java Reflection API within EJB 3 entity?    stackoverflow.com

I do the following steps with eclipse 3.5 ,JBoss 4.2 ,EJB3 but I face class not found exception 1.compiling this code to foo.jar file

package mypackage.foo;
import myejbpackage.ejb.fooInterface; 
class foo implements fooInterface{
 void ...

4. EJB 3 | Entities with webservices    stackoverflow.com

I want to access a inventory system which is accessible through webservice, What is the best way to integrate, I thought of directly expose the entity facade as a web service ...

5. EJB3 Entities - Join on Entities in different jar files    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to do a join on 2 entities using the following query -

String qry = "SELECT o.attr1, o.attr2, o.attr3, r.description FROM AttrEntity o,  DescEntity r WHERE (o.code=r.code)";
Query ...

6. how to connect data base with EJB entity bean    stackoverflow.com

how to configure EJB with mysql. where will put username,password , driver class etc... i want access one table using EJB entity bean , it is installed in my local computer. ...

7. J2EE, Entity Bean - User1 extends User    stackoverflow.com

I've created a new Entity Bean, called User.
I would like to extend it, making some new Entity Beans called User1 (and User2, User3, and so on.. which represent the user type/group). User1 ...

8. Java serialization of EJB entity not serializing one member of ManyToMany set - but only sometimes    stackoverflow.com

For a server-to-server sync process, I am serializing EJB entity objects across the network. The servers are JBoss 5, using Hibernate for persistence. In this development scenario, my remote server is ...

9. Autogenerating EJB3.0 Entity Beans    stackoverflow.com

Is there any ant task based tool using which, we can generate annotation based entity bean code (EJB3.X). IDE based tool is not prefreable Thanks in advance
Vivek Shah

10. Java EE: EJB Entity, Web Standalone    stackoverflow.com

Can you please tell me how is best to do? How can I create a new instance of an entity on web application if I have only the interface.. I have :

  • EJB(3.1) Project
  • Web ...

11. How can you compile entity bean in EJB 2.0?    stackoverflow.com

In my study I faced EJB 2.0 and I don't understand how the bean class can be compiled. It implements interface EJBLocalHome with methods like findByPrimaryKey() and create(). In XML descriptor ...

12. problem with ejb 3.0 entity beans with manyToMany relationship    java-forums.org

Hello everyone! I am using struts 1.2.9 and java ee 5 sdk update 2 for my enterprise application. Besides others i have these entity beans Targetgroup.java and City.java, City.txt targetgroup.txtwith manytomany relationship. when user updates Targetgroup, by clicking on web page with checkboxes and textfields, struts dispatch action calls following method stateless bean: public void update(String firmId, String targetgroupId, String newGender, ...

13. EntityManager.refresh() works only on managed entities.    java-forums.org

Agreed.. transaction is required but what it has to do with detatched instance ? Moreover: P-331 says : "We use the method to undo changes made by the ItemManager client and return fresh entity data from the database." but when we call merge() (before refresh()), the changes made by the client will get reflected in the database.

15. Override Entity Callback Method    java-forums.org

"A class is permitted to override an inherited callback method of the same callback type, and in this case, the overridden method is NOT invoked." However in the example given, the overriden method is invoked... @Entity public class Animal { .... @PostPersist protected void postPersistAnimal() { System.out.println("Inside Animal.postPersistAnimal()"); } } @Entity @EntityListeners({CatListener.class, CatListener2.class}) public class Cat extends Pet { ... } ...

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17. Entity Beans in JBOSS    java-forums.org

We have a Web application in our project that includes 6 Entity Beans with CMP fields1.1 The application was developed in WSAD 5.1 The WSAD generates Access Beans for each Entity Bean as well as stubs in default package com.ibm.ejs.container and com.ibm.websphere.csi. E.g. The Entity Bean Organization.java has Access Bean OrganizationAccessBean.java. Similarly for other 5 Entity Beans there are Access Beans ...

18. PK for Entity beans    java-forums.org

19. Are EJB ( entity beans) are cached ?    forums.oracle.com

Are EJB ( entity beans) are cached ? I have a doubt here . As per my understanding , the entity beans are cached from the database. In that case , If I delete a row in the database by an external application ( say using TOAD tool) , how the Entity bean will be updated / reloaded ? Entity bean ...

20. .NET Entity Framework == Entity EJBs?    forums.oracle.com

There's a beautiful ORM framework available for .NET. . . . . . . . . [NHibernate!|http://www.hibernate.org/343.html] And it's easy to incorporate this into the application framework . . . . . . . [Spring.NET|http://www.springframework.net/] And unit test it with . . . . . . . [NUnit|http://www.nunit.org/index.php] And putting this all together is easy. Just use the build tool . ...

21. ejb 3.0 entities    forums.oracle.com

Hello. I came across this topic during a search. I am using ICEfaces and SEAM. I have created a similar customer and address entities using a join statement exactly described here. I have both a billing and shipping address. When I created my facelet registration screen with just the customer information to be added to the database, everything works. When I ...