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1. Live propagation of DataGrid / ArrayCollection when changing values in Flex application

I've seen a bunch of screencasts demonstrating the integration between blazeds and flex, also some lcds tutorials, model driven or not. I've seen that some of them the presenter opens 2 browsers ...

2. Possible Data caching issue with flex datagrid

I have an application in which there are 5 tabs. Each tab has a datagrid. The dataprovider to the datagrid in 1st tab is the common dataprovider to datagrids in other ...

3. Can I use a remote object in flex to poll a java class on the server(Blazeds)? I want to return live information into my datagrid

So here is the code I have so far: Flex Code

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

    <s:RemoteObject id="getStockPrices" result="result(event)" destination="blazeDsService"

4. Generic DataGrid for editing objects stored on a server

Hallo, I'm a beginner in flex/server development so please forgive the naievety. I've knocked up a Java/BlazeDS server which creates a generic GridBean object. This GridBean contains: - List where a ColumnDef contains ...

5. export flex datagrid to excel,which is better to implements with java or flex?

with the platform j2ee,data of datagrid is from java dao(from the database),so which way is better,to export the data of datagrid to Excel with java dao or flex?thx, and forget my ...

6. Flex: DataGrid with dynamic columns with data from multiple DB tables

Introduction: I'm using java, oracle, flex, blazeDS etc. The part of the DB that is relevant to the task i am trying to accomplish is illustrated in the image below: