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1. Flex best practices?

I have the feeling that is easy to find samples, tutorials and simple examples on Flex.
It seems harder to find tips and good practices based on real-life projects.
Any tips on how ...

2. Suggestions for Stress Testing BlazeDS

We are removing our XSL-> HTML solution annd replacing it with a Flex UI for our userbase. One of the concerns is that the BlazeDS (amf endpoint, so streaming or polling) ...

3. How does [RemoteClass] work in Flex Actionscript can I use it for custom data-binding?

Actionscript supports a [RemoteClass] metadata tag that is used in BlazeDS to provide data-binding hints for marshalling AMF binary objects from Java to BlazeDS. For example: Java: package sample;

public class ...

4. BlazeDS - Conversion from ArrayList on java side to Actionscript

So we have a java class with two ArrayLists of generics. It looks like

public class Blah
   public ArrayList<ConcreteClass> a;
   public ArrayList<BaseClass> b;
by using [ArrayElementType('ConcreteClass')] in the actionscript ...

5. Flex: Can List be used to display control in equally sized tiles

In one of the application I am working, List has been used. I am required to display items in the form of tiles. I do not want to change the component ...

6. Difference between static variable in ActionScript and in Java EE

Please verify my understanding. When a static variable is defined in a Java EE application, the variable is visible and can be altered by any other user. But in case of ...

7. Using one remote object and multiple destinations

In my Flex app, I use one remote object and multiple destinations. Is that a bad idea? It seems to be working just fine except for the one or two fringe ...

8. Handling java errors in Flex

I am new bie to flex. We are using flex,java,blazeds to develop our application. So we are successfully connected to blazeds but it is showing one error when we are trying ...

9. ActionScript passing extra parameter to request when using CallResponder

I am running flex with BlazeDS. My backend is in Java. I have the following function in actionscript:

override public function execute():void