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1. Execute an external EXE from Flex/AIR or Java Web Application

Need to execute an external EXE from either a Java web app (running on Glassfish on Windows Server) or from an Flex/AIR desktop app. Any suggestions, links? Thanks,

2. What material did you use to learn Flex/Air, and with ColdFusion + BlazeDS/LCDS?

What material did you use to learn Flex/Air itself, and with ColdFusion + BlazeDS/LCDS?

3. No LCDS with CF9? should I still use LCDS with CF8?

I've heard somewhere that LCDS is no longer baked in into CF9, and LCDS Express will be phased out, is that true? If I were to start a new CF8.01 + LCDS ...

4. remote class alias in air

Hi in Flex one can easily define the remote class alias like the following:

package samples.portfolio
 public class Stock
  public var symbol:String;

5. Stripes in Video with Adobe Air 2.5

i connected my sony HD video cam to my macBook and get good video quality in my adobe air 2.5 app. But the video got stripes in each moving. is this a ...

6. Using Proxy Webservice with Adobe AIR/BlazeDS

I am trying to call a webservice using proxy. My settings for proxy-config on blazeds side are as below:

<destination id="ws-catalog">