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1. Client Java vs (Adobe) Flash for web applications, what to choose and when    stackoverflow.com

A few years ago client Java was unsuitable for web development because a remarkable part of web users did not have Java installed. ( I don't remember exact numbers, more than ...

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I would like to compile my flex application with a services-config.xml file. However, I am forced to supply a context.root. In my setup, the context root (context path) isn't known until my ...

3. creating a Chat room in Flex    stackoverflow.com

I want to implement a Chat room in Flex 3. Please help me. Thanks!!

4. Relative context-root fro flash application    stackoverflow.com

In services-config.xml we got following configuration of endPoint.

<channel-definition id="any-amf" class="mx.messaging.channels.AMFChannel">
    <endpoint url="http://{server.name}:{server.port}/{context.root}/messagebroker/amf" class="flex.messaging.endpoints.AMFEndpoint"/>
Before compiling flash application i set up context-root as compilaction option.
bin\mxmlc  -context-root / -services "flex/services-config.xml" ...

5. Freely creating BlazeDS RemoteObjects    stackoverflow.com

So I know BlazeDS's standard MXML syntax for creating remote objects. Ex:

    <s:RemoteObject id="sim" destination="SimulationWebService" >
        <s:method name="getAvailableTargetNames" result="setTargetNames(event)" />

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I got a requirement wherein we have to develop e-learning platform using Flex and J2EE. I am new to e-learning. can someone help me to identify what are all the api required, ...

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So as you may or may not know, BlazeDS (open source version of LiveCycle Data Services) is a nice way to get your server-side Java and client-side Flex application to play ...

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Do you know any free alternative for BlazeDS? It's working fine here, but we're looking for alternatives to check wich one is better. Thanks

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So I've been working on connecting Flash to BlazeDS to make use of its excellent features without being constrained by a flex client - numerous blogs out there on this but ...

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I'm using the build in Flex Dataservice to connect to a BlazeDS server. Flex is using the *.fml file within the model folder for the connection details, within that file you ...

11. Change BlazeDS protocol from AFM3 to AMF0    stackoverflow.com

I have installed blazeds-turnkey- installed. By default Blazeds uses AMF3 protocol. I wan't to switch it to AMF0. How to do this? Thanks

12. BlazeDS marshalls Java Float to ActionScript int    stackoverflow.com

I'm using BlazeDS to marshall Java objects to Flex. What I'm seeing is that if a Java Float holds a integer value (whole number, such as 123), then it gets marshalled ...