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1. Accessing JBoss conf file from Flex    stackoverflow.com

I've got a Flex application running on a JBoss server, with dev/QA/production environments. The application needs to coordinate with some other services, also with QA/prod instances. Currently I'm sending ...

2. Flex: image scale stopped working after deploy to server    stackoverflow.com

I have some code to scale an image's width according to its height after the image is being loaded. It works fine on my development PC if I point to the ...

3. Flex file upload with HTTPS and JAAS?    stackoverflow.com

We're trying to upload a file from a flex client to a JEE app.

  • In a full HTTPS environment
  • JEE server is JBoss 5
  • Using BlazeDS 'Custom' authentication (username and password are entered trhough ...

4. How to indicate failed authentication reason to flex client with JAAS?    stackoverflow.com

We're using :

  • JBoss 5
  • Flex SDK 3.5
  • BlazeDS 3, with integrated authentication (through JAAS and JBossSX)
Failed login are always indicated to the flex client by the same fault code : Client.Authentication However, the underlying ...

5. BlazeDS 3.2.0 and JBoss 5.1 DatabaseServerLoginModule    stackoverflow.com

Has anyone that is using BlazeDS RemoteObject been able to retrieve the authenticated user roles through JBoss DatabaseLoginModule login policy? I'm using using BlazeDS 3.2.0 and JBoss 5.1. I can successfully authenticate ...

6. flex Jboss server problem    stackoverflow.com

while doing flex project iam unable to start my Jboss server. can any one help me?

7. How to configure Jboss for two different ports?    stackoverflow.com

I have a ear file and a war file, need to deploy them in two different ports such as 8443 and 5480 respectively. How to configure two ports seperately for ...

8. BlazeDS over HTTPS    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to configure BlazeDS to work over HTTPS. We've got Apache in the front that is set to redirect all http traffic to https. Apache then communicates with the application ...

9. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException while deploying blazeds on jboss    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to deploy blazeds v4 on jboss v6 but while JBoss is starting I get following exception on console. Here is the stacktrace

12:17:28,709 INFO  [TomcatDeployment] deploy, ctxPath=/
12:17:28,838 ...