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1. Grails - Acegi: Customize Authentication Method

I want to change the authentication process that is used by the Acegi - Plugin. It should be a completly customized process. Cusotm login form + custom auth method. Obviously there is ...

2. How do I pass the id of the logged in user to my chosen controller in grails using acegi

I have secured my Grails app using the ACEGI plugin and am using annotations on my controller methods to prompt the user to login. My app has a static HTML ...

3. Using Grails Acegi-Plugin and need additonal checks at authentication time

I have seen the other questions and reviewed the documentation, but I have not found a clear example or answer. 1) Do I need a new userDetailsService class 2) Do I need a ...

4. Grails Acegi manual login

Is there a way to do that without using a POST request to "j_spring_security_check"?

5. Log user authentication in grails/acegi

where can I put a println in order to register a user's successful authentication in grails using acegi ? Thanks

6. Grails acegi plugin remember me not working

Im am having problems with the remember me functionality of the grails acegi plugin (version 0.5.3) The first time I login I check the remember me check box and login. This works. ...

7. How do I mock an acegi authenticate service for unit testing?

This my grails service class method:

class SomeService {
def authenticateService
def getUserName() { def cid = authenticateService.userDomain().customerid def uid = authenticateService.userDomain().userid def userDetails ...