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What would be the best way to go about doing this?

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I am using the Quartz plugin in Grails. Is there a configuration that I can use to disable the job, without commenting out or deleting the whole file?

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I'm planning to have a view that presents a button so that when it is clicked, it will run a Quartz job and the page will finish loading successfully (no need ...

4. Externalize quartz config in grails    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to externalize the QuartzConfig.groovy I want to be able to set autoStartup to true or false with an external file. In Config.groovy it is possible to use the grails.config.locations and set ...

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I am trying to use the Quartz plugin for Grails to schedule a job in a web app I am working on. Using the RAMstore worked fine, but I need the ...

6. Grails background-thread, Quartz    stackoverflow.com

I'm developing a football manager website, but I can't figure out how to use properly the background-thread plugin and Quartz plugin (there is no much docs). My problem is.. I have a Controller ...

7. Why do grails Quartz jobs die after a few minutes on production?    stackoverflow.com

Using the grails Quartz plugin (latest stable version, 0.4.2), I have four different Jobs that run fine in my development environment, most of them every minute. However in the production environment, they ...

8. Grails unschedule a quartz job    stackoverflow.com

I have a requirement to schedule and unschedule a quartz job programmatically. I was able to schedule it using MyJob.schedule(cronExpression). Is there a way to similarly unschedule the job? I am using ...

9. Why is the Grails Quartz plugin failing?    stackoverflow.com

After making a few changes to my already-deployed Grails app, I attempted to recompile the WAR file, and started receiving this error (obviously shorted a bit):

org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean ...

10. should I invoke Grails controller from Quartz job for REST API calls?    stackoverflow.com

I've seen a number of postings citing that quartz jobs should not invoke controllers. I'm using Grails to use salesforce.com's new support for the REST API. The nightly job ...

11. Quartz plugin with Multitenant -single tenant mode    stackoverflow.com

I am using both multi-tenant-core1.0.3(Single tenant mode) and quartz 0.4.2 plugins in my project. I have created the scheduler(SchedulerFactoryBean) bean in the resources.groovy.

beans = {

12. Using createLink() method in Quartz-Job in grails framework?    stackoverflow.com

I want to create a Link in my Quartz-Job in grails like this:

createLink(controller:"auto", action:"show", id: auto.id);
But at runtime i'm only getting exceptions like
org.quartz.JobExecutionException: No signature of method: packagename.RefreshStatsJob.createLink() is applicable for ...

13. Grails - logging from Quartz job and Filter    stackoverflow.com

I would like to stock my logs into files: Here is how I declare my appenders in Config.groovy:

log4j = {
    appenders {
    //   ...

14. Quartz job triggering from Config.groovy    stackoverflow.com

I have the following Quartz job running in my application:

class ScraperJob {
    def scraperService

    static triggers = {

15. Grails - Parameter in a Quartz job Trigger    stackoverflow.com

I have the following quartz job, set via Quartz-plugin:

class UserMonthlyNotificationJob { 
static triggers = {
        cron name:'dailyTrigger', cronExpression: " ... "

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I am using the quartz plugin with Grails 1.3.7. I have a need to load balance/cluster a server app that uses quartz jobs. Apparently this is supported but I am finding ...

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I have a multiple Quartz jobs which access the same objects in the database. Some of these jobs run for a long time and seem to conflict with each other. If ...

18. Issue loading custom classes in grails project    forums.terracotta.org

We are using Quartz with Grails project. Instead of using plug-in, we are using it directly through Java. Everything works fine when we store/pass normal values in datamap. But, if we store any custom class (bean) in the context/datamap, then we get ClassNotFoundException, even though the bean class is available. One solution which we found out to make it work was ...