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1. Generated PersonController expects Authority to contain word ROLE

I'm brand new to acegi and relatively new to Grails. I just followed the tutorial to set up a new role and a new user. Every time I saved the ...

2. Why does registering a new user using the ACEGI plugin for GRAILS give a "Default Role not found." error

Perhaps put a different way, how do I set up a default security role for newly registered users in Grails using teh ACEGI plug-in? I have followed the acegi/grails tutorial

3. Assigning roles programmatically in grails using acegi

could someone provide me with a snippet that assigns a given existing acegi role (Authority) to a Person in Grails ? Thanks.

4. update on acegi roles for user?

If a loggedin user gets a new role, what does he has to do to get all permissions based on this role?

  • logout and login again does not work
  • reassign the roles with ...

5. Any easy way to delete a user (having many to many relation with role) in acegi, grails?

In default acegi setting, person and authority have many to many relations. Thus, in addtion to people and authorities, there is a table authotiries-people. To delete a person (a user) I ...

6. Grails Acegi security: Problem with roles and access

sad end to this story

Well, as it turns out, the compareTo method in my Role class (Role implements GrantedAuthority) was returning always 0. So each user had only one role (since ...