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1. Grails web flow

Is there any way to pass model data to a view state? Consider the following example view state:

class BookController {
  def shoppingCartFlow = {
    showProducts {

2. Can anyone recommend a java web-framework for large application?

We are going to start a large and scalable application which has around 50,000 to 200,000 users. my partner told me Both Groovy and OpenXava are framework for small development. My ...

3. Acegi User Class constraints under groovy

Hi I have an Groovy appilcation using Acegi Spring Security. My User Class looks as follows:

class User {
static constraint  = {
  email(blank:true, nullable:true) 
  description(blank:false, nullable:false) 
  username(blank: ...

4. Default Grails '/' controller mapping not resolving properly

This one has been driving me crazy today. Since upgrading to Grails 1.2 and Weblogic 10.3 the default root mapping for "/" stopped working. Here's what I have... I have ...

5. Grails or Play! for an ex-RoR developer?

I plan to begin learning a Java web framework (I love the Java API), I already used Rails and Django. I want something close to Java, but without all the complexity of ...

6. What makes Groovy+Grails a more productive setup than J2EE?

I'm coming across references to 'Grails' and 'Groovy' quite often these days.. mostly on how great a productivity booster it is as opposed to standard J2EE, or things like JSF, Struts ...

7. Associations and the Grails webflow

it's my first time using webflows in Grails and I can't seem to solve this. I have 3 domain classes with associations that look something like this:

class A {

8. Groovy + OSGi or Grails?

I have been learning OSGi and also a little about Groovy recently but am very new to both. I know Groovy is part of the Grails framework and that Grails ...

9. Is Grails a viable option for large scale enterprise web apps?

Coming from a J2EE dev background, I love the idea of Grails....all the benefits of using enterprise Java (Spring, Hibernate, etc. ), but with the simplicity of Rails (scaffolding, convention over ...

10. Grails vs. JAX-RS for RESTful API / MVC App

I know the title may seem like apples & oranges, but hear me out... :) I'm building the architecture of an MVC app and considering what to use for the core of ...

11. Integrate Groovy in an existent Web app

I have an existent web application, I'd like to add Groovy to this web app so that I can develop web service providers easily if possible. Is there a way to ...

12. Java Business Intelligence framework with ad-hoc web reporting?

I need a reporting framework that supports web views with ad-hoc reporting, as well as styled, canned PDF reports. My users will be non-power users, so I'll need to present something ...

13. DWR - can't marshall enum?

No matter what I try, this keeps failing. What am I doing wrong, here?

package com.example
class ClassToMarshall{
   SomeEnum myEnum

enum SomeEnum{

14. Can I use JAXRS annotations(for example @Produces) in an interface class in Grails

I am trying to create an interface class in Grails and implement that in a resource. I wanted to use the @Produces annotation in the interface class and use(implement) that in ...

15. using SyslogAppender with name and pattern

option one:

appender new SyslogAppender( name:"full",
    layout:pattern(conversionPattern:"blah blah") );
option two:
appender new SyslogAppender(
    pattern(conversionPattern:"blah blah"),