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I'm trying to setup our new Grails application to authenticate via LDAP. From the logs we can see that Acegi is binding to the LDAP store, then is able to find ...

2. LDAPException: Invalid Credentials (49) Invalid Credentials with grails    stackoverflow.com

These are the imports that I am using:

import com.novell.ldap.*;
import java.io.UnsupportedEncodingException;
and I am trying to do a very simple password validation that I found at: http://developer.novell.com/documentation/samplecode/jldap_sample/index.htm and I can't seem to get ...

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Grails LDAP security - get password How can I get the password entered on the login webform prior to posting the auth request to config.apf.filterProcessesUrl? From the LDAP example, there is ...