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1. Can a webflow's action state have multiple redirects on success?

Say, I have this type of webflow:

def myFlow = {
    state1 {

    stateAct {

2. How to redirect depending of the role with Grails Acegi on weblogic

in my index.gsp, I have this :

  <% response.sendRedirect("login/auth"); %>
<g:ifAnyGranted role="ROLE_ADMIN">
  <% response.sendRedirect("admin/tasks"); %>
<g:ifAnyGranted role="ROLE_VIEWER_I, ROLE_VIEWER_E">
  <% response.sendRedirect("items/list"); %>
If I run it on tomcat, that's work ...

3. Grails Web Flow: Redirect to the webflow from another controller action?

Here's what I think I want to do:

class MyController {
    def goToWizard = {
        if (params.option1)

4. Grails Acegi : Redirection on a ajax method and not on the webpage. Why?

I use Acegi with grails but I have a problem with a redirection. I define in UrlMapping this :

"/" { 
  controller = "mycontroller"
  action = "myaction"
In mycontroller : ...

5. Grails, Weblogic and redirection on root "/" seems not working

I configured my grails application with an root path like this (in UrlMapping):

in mycontroller.myaction, depending of the role, I redirect to ...