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1. Grails security

Which is the best security solution for grails among acegi, jsecurity and Stark security? regards Josh

2. Grails acegi plugin user recommendation

I'm about to add security to my Grails App, and I'd like to know from your experiences what's the best approach:

  1. To add fields to the Person Domain class (such as phone, ...

3. Grails + Acegi: How to handle password renewal ? Logged vs not logged user

I'm writing a module to force a user whose password has expired to renew its password. This app uses the acegi security plugin. After the expired credentials are detected, ...

4. fails for Grails 1.3.2 app on JBoss 5.1 Community Edition

From what I understand, a SecurityManager policy file with only

grant {
should grant all permissions globally. However, running a Grails 1.3.2 app on JBoss 5.1 Community Edition and JRE ...

5. How to change logging system from log4j in Grails to mitigate log forging?

I'd like to replace the log4j logging system in Grails with the one in ESAPI. (Still technically log4j.) I know I can just do it programmatically, but ...