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1. Jersey REST/ JAXB error , mapping an Interface

I have to use an interface in my REST web service. Here is the Interface :

public interface Specs {

    public BaseProperties getBaseProps();
    public void ...

2. JaxbRepresentation gives error "doesnt contain ObjectFactory.class or jaxb.index"

i am trying to create a sample test application which converts an object to JaxbRepresentation. but when i try to run this. it gives me an error. file

package test_jaxb;

import org.restlet.Server;

public ...

3. JaxB Compile Errors

Anyone out there know enough about JAXB to determine why this .xsd file will not compile. Tells me that objects are defined in multiple places but I can't find where this ...

4. jaxb - weblogic error

5. Error generating JAXB model?

Hello, Im trying to generate java classes from a .wsdl model. So Im using the XFire IDE for Eclipse(3.4) - Java 5 for it. The problem is, I give the path to the wsdl, the output resource and the package to create into, but, everytime I get the error: "Error generating JAXB model." And thats it. Just this error, no stack ...

7. JAXB Error

I am trying to marshal an object and it's throwing the following error. class com.sun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.IllegalAnnotationsException [Ljava.lang.StackTraceElement;@c68c3 2 counts of IllegalAnnotationExceptions null. The line thowing the error is this JAXBContext context = JAXBContext.newInstance(Resync.class); I have googled this error and some post say i need an empty constructor to fix this. I have tried several things and nothing seems to work. Any help ...