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1. Binding nested elements in a standard JAXB2 POJO

I have the following document model structure.


2. JAXB bindings

I am trying to use a web service where I have no control of the WSDL. Unfortunately the WSDL defines the result elements like this: I have an external XSD that defines the element in greater detail, and a JAXB binding file that should bind the element from the WSDL ...

3. Enable auto JAXB bindings OR do JAXB manually

We are considering 2 approaches while exposing web services to internal applications. Please help in deciding the pros and cons of each. Approach-1 is now standard in which JAXB bindings are applied at both sides (client and server) internally. Client and Server code work on Java objects and not on SOAP XML message directly. Approach-2 is old way in which JAXB ...

4. JAXB binding files

Hello, I know this isn't strictly web service related, but this seems like the most appropriate forum since JAX-WS utilizes JAXB. I am using JAXB to generate Java classes from a set of schemas that I have been given. The data types in these schemas reference each other frequently. Due to various reasons, I need to change the name of several ...