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1. How to add jaxb binding when creating SOAP webservice stubs using Eclipse

I have some conflicts from a wsdl that another company wrote, but I should be able to correct them with a custom jaxb binding file. When I go to create a new ...

2. JAXB in eclipse

I'm not quite sure what you are asking - seems that there are two questions: 1. How do I run the JAXB binding compiler from Eclipse? Include a build.xml file in your project that makes use of Sun's XJCTask ant-task (in jaxb-xjc.jar for JAXB 1.0).

3. install jaxb plugin in eclipse

Hi, I am using Eclipse Helios and want to install jaxb xjc exlipse plugin to automatically generate classes from XSD. But i searched the Web and could not find the site url to install the plugin from eclipse. Do you know the site url or how to install this plugin? Thanks very much.