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1. Use JAXB unmarshalling in Weblogic Server

Especifications: - Server: Weblogic 9.2 fixed by customer. - Webservices defined by wsdl and xsd files fixed by customer; not modifications allowed. Hi, In the project we need to develope a mail system. This must ...

2. Unmarshalling SOAP Messages to java / or simply parsing SOAP message?

I am facing this problem for over than one month , so i would be realy pleased by your help , in fact i am asking about a way that can ...

3. Jaxb failed to marshall an annotated class

Am using an implementation of MessageBodyWriter to marshall all my objects to a file(XML).

@XmlAccessorType( XmlAccessType.FIELD )
class Myclass implements MyInterface{
// some private fields

interface MyInterface{
//some methods
I have a List<MyClass> objects to save in ...

4. Jaxb and unmarshalling

This has been a thorn in my side for the last 2 days. We have a Ear and EJB project that uses xml/xsd to configure our beans, but for some reason we are getting errors when we try to unmarshall our xml. Here is the error: DefaultValidationEventHandler: [FATAL_ERROR]: unexpected element (uri:"", local:"appConfiguration"). Expected elements are <{}appConfiguration> Location: line 12 The log ...

5. Why the html symbols & umlauts are not converted during unmarshalling in JAXB1.6?

Iam using JAXB1.6 to convert the below xml to java object. After unmarshalling when I print the contents for ErrorMsg element, JAXB doesn't do any conversion for & and the character mentioned in ENTITY in the xml. It just prints as such what is in the xml. Where as i need the output as like " Inhalt des Feldes ung >ig ...

6. Query related to JaxB Unmarshalling : no setter methods in Unmarshalled java classes

Hi all, I'm trying to unmarshal an xml schema. I used the tool XJCFacade provided under JaxB package After running the tool the autogenerated classes wont havesetters methods to corresponding properties. My question is how am I supposed to set properties in respective instances of those autogenereated classes. Should i add my own setter method or is there any other ...

7. JAXB Unmarshalling

8. JAXB unmarshalling problem

If I got your probelm correctly , you have changed the package name of the classes generated by your wsdl-2-java tool and you are getting a binding error while running the service. Generated class's package name is mapped to the namespace in the wsdl schema by default. So if you change the package name, those mappings will won't work. I think ...