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1. JAXB with namespace unmarshalling (using Jersey from REST service)

I'm trying to unmarshal a simple xml document from a public api from Convio. I'm not getting any compiler errors with the following code, but it won't produce a result either. ...

2. JAXB namespace issue

Hi! A quick reply: When I see your XML schema with the import of the MS.xsd schema file, I get the feeling that the MS.xsd file should be located in the same directory as the other XML schema. An alternative may be to change the schema location in the import statement so that the MS.xsd schema is found. Best wishes!

3. JAXB namespace

I don't know the answer to (1). But the answer to (2) is that you don't have to do anything. In both examples you have a element which is not in any namespace. It's true that one of them also has an extra namespace declaration, but that doesn't apply to anything in the element. Your two examples are functionally identical. ...