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1. how to Use JAXWS/JAXB rename the parameter

I use CXF(2.2.3) to compile the Amazon Web Service WSDL ( But got error as below.

Parameter: snapshotSet already exists for method describeSnapshots but of type ...

2. Reuse JAXB generated class as JAX-WS web service parameter

I have some XML type in Java classes which are defined in XSD and generated by XJC. Then I write some java methods with JAX-WS Annotation, and let those generated Java classes ...

3. How can I make a WebMethod parameter required

We use the "start from Java" approach to creating JAX-WS 2.0 web services using the Metro 1.5 stack. When we point a standard tool like SoapUI at one of our ...

4. Can I have Object type as a parameter of @WebMethod?

I've tried to create a web method which has parameter of java.lang.Object but I receive error similar to: One guy answered to this saying that: "You can pass only JAXB ...

5. (Java) How can I pass Schema-validated XML documents as parameters between distributed components (e.g. web services or sockets)?

Here is a description of the scenario and I would appreciate also any comments on the approach used The core of my application is a set of web services backed by a ...

6. Using polymorphic JAX-WS webservice parameters

I have this simple JAX-WS WebService:

public class AnimalFeedingService {
    public void feed(@WebParam(name = "animal") Animal animal) {

7. JAX-RS exception mapper does not handle the exception that is thrown when doing parameter conversion?

I created my own class with a fromString method which I believe JAXB will use to convert the parameter value string to my object. However, inside this fromString method, I have ...

8. How to map URLs to different methods based on the presence of query parameters (JAXB)

I'm writing ReST services using JAXB/Jersey. I would like to do different server-side processing and return a different response based on whether or not the URL has query parameters. ...

9. Possibility of validation of required parameters?

I'm developing webservices with jaxws, so I generate wsdl and xsd files from annotated java classes via wsgen. I'm searching for possibility of automatic validation of parameters which are marked as ...

10. JAX-RS with Jersey: Passing form parameters to PUT method for updating a Resource

I have to update a Person record having firstName and lastName. User should be able to change it from html form and on submit it should be updated. Here is my code.


11. How can I send a JAXB-marshalled object as a parameter using the Jetty client API?

...practically I'm looking for a REST-style EJB-or-SOAP-replacement ;)

This enables me to receive an JAXB-marshalled object from server

Client side

WebResource r = client.resource("http://localhost:9999/resource1");

SomeObject in =;

Server side

public static final class TestResource {

12. Using custom class as JAX-WS parameter: How to write JAXB adapter for type safe enum?

I have some old code (pre Java 1.5) that uses classes to implement type safe enums, something like:

public class MyTypeSafeEnum implements {
  private final int value;

  private  ...

13. Using a JAXB annotated class as input parameter for a JAX-WS web service

I'm in the early stages of developing a web service to process a Customer provided as input to the service using JAX-WS. Netbeans 7.0, Glassfish 3.1 with the included Metro reference ...

14. How to bind JAXB persistant objects to WS parameters?

Alrighty. Step 1) Generate Web service client code with JAX-WS. Check. Done. Awesome. Step 2) Generate xsd-compliant java source with JAXB. Yessir. Checkaroonie. Sweet. Step 3) For specific web service methods that require an XML Document as a parameter, bind the Marshalled JAXB document to the parameter. For Service methods that return an XML document, bind a JAXB-compliant bean to the ...