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1. JAXB XJC Possible to suppress comment creation in generated classes?    stackoverflow.com

Our project uses XJC to generate Java classes from an XSD. I'm using JAVA EE 6. When all the XSDs we have are re-generated, the generated classes include this comment at ...

2. JAXB empty node in bindings    stackoverflow.com

JAXB can't parse the bindings for this example:

<xs:element name="classA" type="classA" substitutionGroup="classSubA"/>

<xs:complexType name="complexClassA" mixed="true">

<xs:attribute name="attA">

3. General question on JAXB annotations generated when using xjc    coderanch.com

Hi! Take a look at this web page: http://java.sun.com/webservices/docs/2.0/tutorial/doc/JAXBUsing4.html There is a section speaking about the reasons for customizing JAXB bindings. Note that if you modify annotations in Java classes generated by the XJC schema compiler, then the result may be that the mapping no longer corresponds to the original XML schema. Thus it should be done with care. Personally, I ...