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1. JBPM: Multiple transitions going out from a Task Node    stackoverflow.com

in JBPM, can I have (technically) multiple transitions going out from a Task Node? If Yes, is it a good practice? Any help would be useful.

2. jBPM 4.3 Task Notification tag being ignored    stackoverflow.com

I have a task with a notification entry but no emails are being generated and no entries in logs. Emails from mail node work fine. What am I doing ...

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For every task node in a process definition, i want to dynamically (programtically) add a self transition (from and to transition to the same node) to each task node. Can you ...

4. JBPM - Get the list of all the tasks    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to fetch the list of all the tasks within the JBPM database. I'm using the following code :

 List<Task> liste = taskService.createTaskQuery().list();
But it gives me a list of the ...

5. i want to make an automatic signal according to it's task date in JBPM    stackoverflow.com

i want to make an automatic signal according to it's task date in JBPM. Can i use decision node for implementing this situation? if no any suggestion

6. How to remove a task from a JBPM workflow?    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to remove a task from an existing workflow in JBPM? I wouldn't like to have a new workflow, only modify the existing one. I'm using JBPM 3.2.2

7. JBPN Workflow and % 100 task completion    stackoverflow.com

I have unique requirement for JBPM process work flow. Is there any way to compute % compete for entire work flow. One way, I was thinking about computing this is ...

8. How to fetch task Id in jbpm 4.4    stackoverflow.com

All, is it possible to find the task id that got created when a task is assigned to an user? in my case, the task gets assigned to an user which is found ...

9. Completing a Task Fails after Calling statefulSession.dispose    stackoverflow.com

I have a problem which I think is similar to these but my scenario is slightly different. How to make a process instance go on with jBPM5?
http://community.jboss.org/message/600654 Human task API, ...