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1. setting global process variable in jbpm 4.2 process definition

I want to set a variables in a process definition for JBPM4 As these variables will be set for all process instances with the same values

2. True Parallel Processing in jBPM

need to achieve:

Forking processing to multiple tasks

<fork name="customFork" >
  <transition to="task1" />
  <transition to="task2" />        
  <transition to="task3" />

3. How to deploy a process from Signavio into jBPM?

I've installed jBPM 4.4 and it looks neat. I've edited a little example process using Signavio, and I'd like to deploy it on the demo server (ant demo.setup.jboss) so that ...

4. jbpm process instance save

Hi all i am new to JBPM. i am using jbpm4.4 this is my basic example code:

    ProcessEngine processEngine = new Configuration()

5. How to Save jBPM 5 Process Definition Created via API?

Once I have created a Process Definition as described in the documentation section 5.1.3 how do I then save that Process as BPML?

6. JBPM - storing process data (PostgreSQL)

I am trying to store JBPM process data with PostgreSQL (using standalone Java application to start processes). JBPM - 5.1 (on JBoss 5.1). Postgresql - 9.1. JDBC Driver (in the app's ...